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Live Resin (Jungle Ridge)


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8 reviews for Live Resin (Jungle Ridge)

  1. Tank (verified owner)

    Diamond Kush: Just been adding to joints and it has certainly kicked the potency up! Compared to hash/kief this has certainly given me the effect I was hoping for.

  2. Chuck Brown (verified owner)

    Trainwreck: Compared to Hulk and Purp Haze this is right in-between.
    Its the same colour and texture. It smells sweet. But it also tastes good and sweet, a little herby. I like it.

    I smoked that Incredible Hulk, incredibly fast. To get rid of it. The spicy-ness was too much for me to mix with anything. I dabbed that, till it was gone.

    That being said: Both, other strains don’t burn super clean. You get what you pay for! I would still prefer any dabbing. It has saved my lungs. I don’t cough up gross stuff anymore. 1-2 tokes done.

  3. Chuck Brown (verified owner)

    Purple Haze: The colour and texture of this and Hulk is the same, beige and crystalline. Purple Haze is a little thicker but it’s still goopy enough.
    It tastes much better. It smells and tastes sweet, and a little tangy.

  4. Chuck Brown (verified owner)

    Incredible Hulk: Beige, smells a bit dessert-y, sweet. It’s crystalline and slightly like wet sugar/honey. Unfortunately, it has a weird taste, that is almost spicey but earthen.
    I don’t really like it. And I like a lot of stuff. The taste went away soon. I reverse dabbed like always, but it burned dirty too. OK for the price. I like other strains more. It has some potency to it.

  5. Zippy710 (verified owner)

    I purchased the white rhino and the blueberry. I have to say both do not smell very pleasant at all. The nose one the blueberry is one step away from god awful and tastes like a stale corn chip. The white rhino although didn’t smell very nice actually tasted quite nice.

  6. dave’s not here (verified owner)

    I remember getting budder king budder here back in the early days of this site when the only extracts I had tried were hash and honey oil. Flash forward to today and to be brutally honest all the different types now have gotten confusing. Anyway I like to try variety so i got some diamonds and shatter as well as the live resin in this order. This live resin tastes fantastic, i dab it and a gram goes a long way. Its got a nice sweet taste to it, almost lemon like. Its amazing prices are this low, everything else in the world is more expensive but cannabis has never been cheaper

  7. Thick nick (verified owner)

    I usually avoid the live resins , but this one is better than the other brands . Smooth taste , long lasting buzz , I would use this anytime of day . Eases pain and helps with sleep

  8. FrankieCdn

    Well I’ve had several companies Live Resin and most have at least some terpene sauce, Jungle Ridge however doesn’t have any sauce and is rather dry and somewhat challenging to get a hit on my pin as I hot knife my live resins. It has a nice taste (I tried the Bubba Kush) and a nice buzz which helps me through the day as I suffer from chronic pain and arthritis. I will buy more at the price it’s at currently.

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