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Pakistan Hash


Pressed Hash

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Product Description

Brand new to our menu, highlighting the popular hashish culture in Pakistan, this Indica-dominant hybrid is a must-try for any exotic hash lover.?

Delivering that powerfully perfect and quickly potent body stone, this hash is for lovers of those earthy, musky flavors with that nice after-tone of fruitiness. The stone is instantaneous and blissful, appropriate for seasoned users looking for a potent high.

2 reviews for Pakistan Hash

  1. iNhale (verified owner)

    Got just a little to try it out and I wasn’t disappointed. It was a very pleasant experience toking out of a dynavap with a little rig. I am not a big expert on hash, but I got the effects I was looking for – deep and relaxing body high, felt similar to RSO.

  2. Fergz (verified owner)

    Has a really spicy smell when you break it open. Really gummy but not too much that it’s gets stuck to your fingers. Perfect for bottle tokes or rolling into snakes.

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