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Diamonds (Jungle Ridge)


1 Gram

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5 reviews for Diamonds (Jungle Ridge)

  1. Chuck Brown (verified owner)

    I bought Jack Herer, Gorilla Glue #4, Grape Ape and Bubba Kush.
    They are all as described before. The consistency is great. I really like diamonds. They’re so smooth and clean when reverse dabbed.

  2. Chuck Brown (verified owner)

    Jack Herer: Tastes a lot like other Jack Herer Concentrates from recently.
    In fact, Jack H. KleerX live resin has the exact same font on the label. It’s the same label! It’s slightly amber but breaks into clearer pieces. It burns fairly clean.
    Not bad!

  3. Chuck Brown (verified owner)

    Gorilla Glue #4: Really nice clear crystals, one big one! Mild Earthy/Spice smell. Smooth, burned cleanly and tasted sweet, and kushy. They all came in a tall jar. I still tap-tap the lid to knock off any crystals.

    Grape Ape: Again, nice clear crystals. There was one speck of plant matter I picked out. But other than that it’s sweet tasting and burns clean. Happy with this order.

  4. Chuck Brown (verified owner)

    Great White Shark: Amber crystals of a uniform size and clarity. Slight sour taste and throat tickle. Burns cleanly when reverse dabbed. Which is nice, some amber diamonds leave a lot more residue.

  5. Chuck Brown (verified owner)

    Bubba Kush: Amber/Clear crystals, smells earthy and sour. It tastes earthy. Smooth and indica dominant. Burns cleanly. Only problem is the tall jar makes it hard to break large crystals sometimes.

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