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Kootenay Labs – Budder


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Straight out of British Columbia’s pristine Slocan Valley, Kootenay Labs brings us yet another of their top quality extracts – Budder! This budder, made with dabbing in mind, is ultra-smooth, highly potent, and tasty to boot!

24 reviews for Kootenay Labs – Budder

  1. Marie (verified owner)

    Not my usual product as I’m an oil person, but I was surprised as it tasted great, and gets you high like it should. The price is great as well! Would definedly buy again

  2. Ty (verified owner)

    Always a great choice if you are looking to try some different strains with unique profiles, very reasonably priced especially for what you get. Cannot recommend this enough.

  3. FrankieCdn (verified owner)

    Decided to try the Alaskan Thunder Fuck, it’s a powdery beige product with an awesome odour. I’m old school and I hot knife, it’s a tad difficult to work with but not terrible. Awesome buzz, didn’t take much to get an old hippy wasted enough to rate it a 5. Look forward to trying other strains.

  4. MH (verified owner)

    First time trying budder, I’ve tried many other concentrate but not this one. I picked banana punch which didn’t disappoint at all, excellent product.

  5. Islandergirl902 (verified owner)

    Kootenay labs is always doing it right. There products are always plentiful and absolutely delicious.
    Sometimes it can be difficult to work with but you just end up extra ripped after a big dabb.

  6. sativa_lvr (verified owner)

    Romulan is always a winner in concentrate form for me so far. This budder is no exception. The taste is more citrusy than what I am accustomed to but that aint a problem, it’s delicious. The high is alright in the evening and I would take that everyday for weeks without being tired of it, especially at that price.

  7. devin (verified owner)

    very good potency
    tastes very good
    cant complain…

  8. Ip hei (verified owner)

    This time the taste is good but need a big piece to get a hit of the flavor.

    Not bad the high. Kept me chill

    Need a took each time of day and night of this.

  9. blessings (verified owner)

    Great dabs , love the flavour! Amazing taste and euphoria upon one hit. Amazing terps in every hit and I cannot wait to try all the other strains they have

  10. Mroy (verified owner)

    I got the snowball way back when it was in stock. It was like a ball indeed, had a harder texture. But when you took a piece it had a nice buzz and wasn’t too bad.
    Good for the price, I would recommend.
    Thanks BM.

  11. Luke (verified owner)

    great for the price, pretty big fan of kootenay labs stuff as it always seems to be on the money for the price. nice to top bowls with or dab occasionally.

  12. buds ahoy (verified owner)

    Had their Summer Budder last year (after summer was over) which was enjoyable with nice taste, smell and effects. I appreciate their attention to organic growing and less impactful packaging, as well as understanding of the various reasons people consume cannabis presumably from extensive experience.

  13. Jay (verified owner)

    Ordered a gram of watermelon kush og and a gram of blue magoo cookies/holy grail and both are phenomenal! Well worth it! Best brand around and at an awesome price.

  14. acrolix (verified owner)

    This is a great product, especially when looking at the price and quality provided. You really can’t argue, and when you compare the price with what budder used to cost 10+ years ago, this shit is amazing!

  15. WilliamP (verified owner)

    I got the purple punch on my last order and as usual budmail has out done themselves
    Flavour on point, not to harsh, very reasonable price. I’ll be exploring asmany strains as I can in the future

  16. Turn (verified owner)

    I tried both the Amnesia Haze and the Wedding Crasher/Trainwreck. Both tasted as I expected they should, sweet aftertaste. The AH is great for the daytime and the WCTW in the evening to help relax before sleep.

  17. Tartar (verified owner)

    product container is very neat, it’s small and compact. Budder is dry and flakes into balls, easy to dap and dispense. smoke taste a little bitter but for the price the rating is right

  18. Gorlomi (verified owner)

    Great budget concentrate that burns clean and has a nice flavor profile. Ordered Sour Cookies and did not come as crumbly I’ve received from other brands that sell budder. Texture was just as expected (not brittle/dry) and have 0 complaints for the price point/quality.

  19. Beans (verified owner)

    Foget what strain I got but is was good. Always love some budder nice treat when you are trying to sleep knocks you night out and you get a nice deep sleep.

  20. Luke (verified owner)

    love these guys, the price and quality for it is on point. got the god and orange and they were both fantastic little balls of tasty goodness. cant wait for it to come back…. If they could make a jager one It would be to die for

  21. King (verified owner)

    I got 3 grams, butterfly, the day after and punch breath. The first two were chunky Budda , the punch breath was flaky and crumbly but the container was completely full, ask really good Budda , really good for the price, hitting them in my yocan xl pen and dab rig

  22. Marvelously Stoned (verified owner)

    Cherry Pie 🥧 I ended up grabbing a few varieties but I dove into this little jar first since it was the most crumbled and loose product out of the purchases. Great for dabs, sprinkling onto joints, on top of bowls, a lot of variety. Pretty impressed to have grabbed the great quality for so cheap. Would definitely invest in these again!

  23. Bud Master Kojer (verified owner)

    LA Wedding Pop

    Ordered 2 of these and they look/smell identical. I don’t think they filtered all of the plant material out as there was some tiny hairs and little black specs in the product, but had to look very close to notice most of it.

    Looks alot like the pic, it’s a dark yellow colour with a nice playdough-like texture. It almost melts in your fingers and will leave them nice and stinky if you try and pull it into smaller pieces. It has a very nice peppery/kushy smell to it and an equally nice taste with a good spicy bite to it.

    It’s potent, but with a more subtle onset than the sonic cherry; also less of a head buzz and more of a body high with this one. Will definitely be trying more of these.

  24. Bud Master Kojer (verified owner)

    Sonic Cherry

    Ordered 2 of these, one of the little envelopes was noticeably cut open and taped back shut and the budder in it was quite different from the other sonic cherry. The ‘open’ pack looked dried out as it was a much lighter yellow and very crumbly/powdery, it actually looked and smelled alot like that cheddar cheese stuff you find in ritz crackers. The sealed package was darker in colour and still in big clumps with the texture of playdough.

    The smell is odd and difficult to describe other than to say its like a combination of processed cheddar cheese and alcohol-free cherry cough syrup.

    No complaints on efficacy though, i put a little clump about 1.5-2x the size of a match head in a vape pen and it hit hard and fast but still left me functional. Had more flavour at lower temperatures, but still has a nice ‘budder’ taste at higher temps. Decent head buzz and body mellow with this one. Will definitely be trying more of these.

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