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Live Hash Rosin (Unbranded) – 5g


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Live Hash Rosin, often simply called “Rosin,” is a top-tier cannabis concentrate known for its exceptional quality and purity. It’s a solventless extraction method that preserves the essence of the cannabis plant, resulting in a concentrate that’s rich in flavor, aroma, and cannabinoids.

1 review for Live Hash Rosin (Unbranded) – 5g

  1. AvidDabber (verified owner)

    I bought the GMO. I am enjoying this product for the price but there are two issues I have:

    The rosin shown in the pictures is much lighter and appears to come from a much finer wash. I feel this is quite misleading as none of the strains available at purchase have pictures posted for them. The rosin I got is brown like the water you would dip your paintbrush in. It burns quite dark as well and leaves quite a bit of non vapeable residue.

    The second issue is that there is no rubber cap so in transport (same day) a good bit of rosin got stuck to the inside of the lid. Thankfully I figured to put it in the fridge so I could easily scoop it out
    As someone who’s currently on a budget I would definitely reply

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