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High Voltage Extracts – HTFSE + Distillate Blend Cartridge


1 Gram HTFSE + Distillate Cartridge

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Price:   $41.00

Product Description

A high quality Delta 9 THC distillate is blended with High Voltage’s High Terpene Full Spectrum Extract (HTFSE). The HTFSE, which is a byproduct in the production of Sauce, gives these vapes their incredibly distinct flavour and aroma. The unique terpene and cannabinoid profiles produce a wide range of potent effects.

High Voltage Terp Sauce is a full-spectrum, connoisseur-grade extract made from live cannabis flowers, which preserves the unique aromatic and psychoactive qualities of each strain. Now available in 510-threaded for a terpene-packed vaping experience!

High Voltage are a small group dedicated to providing you with pure, potent medicinal extracts of unparalleled aroma and flavour. Our concentrates are made from live, fresh flower grown on Vancouver Island. We are involved in every step in the path to providing you with unique, high quality live resins, sauces, cartridges and edibles.

112 reviews for High Voltage Extracts – HTFSE + Distillate Blend Cartridge

  1. jason420 (verified owner)

    Came in a nice glass can
    Was a nice flavor not harsh on the exhale
    Didn’t clog up on me got to smoke all of it too didn’t stick to the top
    All around was a good enjoyable buzz on

  2. the cat (verified owner)

    One of the best carts on the market from one of the best companies. Potent and smooth hit. The cart comes shipped upside down for some reason, but I recommend you store it right side up.

  3. Fugen (verified owner)

    As far as flavor goes the Cannalope strain was up there with the best I’ve had! Gonna have to take a star off because I had some problems halfway through with clogging but could be just that one cartridge; I’ll definitely try another one just because of the taste!

  4. HM (verified owner)

    Probably one of the best carts I’ve vaped and I’ve vaped a lot of them. So far nothing compares. Literally had to dig up old emails to remember the name of the brand so that I could reorder!

  5. devin (verified owner)

    very good potency
    trainwreck has really good flavour
    cant complain…

  6. devin (verified owner)

    HVE is a good brand. when it comes to carts i only stick with HVE. despite the picture these carts use HVE’s new technology and branding. very good cart, can’t complain.

  7. J Cole (verified owner)

    The one and only vape brand I will use and I’ve tried them all. Any strain you order from High Voltage packs a punch. Purple God is one of my favorites. Tom Ford Pink Kush has a great taste. Basically you cannot go wrong with any one you choose. Highly Recommend

  8. Godfatherr92 (verified owner)

    Best product I’ve purchased in a long time. I highly highly recommend this product to anyone. Smooth taste and amazing high, sometimes it feels like I didn’t even smoke yet. Keep it up Budmail👍

  9. Rotgut (verified owner)

    Decent vape carts.
    No clogging and get nice pills.
    Got white Rhino.It’s always be favorite strain for me.
    Nice buzz and decent taste .
    Good price for a gram.
    Decent carts overall .
    Will buy again.

  10. Dutch (verified owner)

    It is truly the best vape cartridges out there… definitely a must if you vape. Try them out … one of the best ones i tried was purple god. Also melon gum. Cheers

  11. Dutch (verified owner)

    High voltage is one of the best vape companies out there … i just buy vapes cartridges from them … i have tried purple god, melon gum, island brend, lemon kush, they never disappoint…

  12. reesedeluca (verified owner)

    I LOVE anything that High Voltage Extracts puts out. The cartridges don’t get clogged, they have 1mg and they are STRONG! I recommend any strain because they all hit strong.

  13. Krispy (verified owner)

    These are easily my go to carts, usually I only need one hoot to get me feeling nice doesn’t take much to get the job done with these. Taste great and reefy.

  14. Rev (verified owner)

    Best carts on the market. Perfect draw for mouth-to-lung hits, don’t clog, don’t burn or get nasty. I ordered the Romulan last order. Dank. Recently ordered the Cotton Candy Cookies…dank. These are my go to for a quick rip.

  15. Jez (verified owner)

    Good cartridges, well made, they don’t leak or get clogged like some others I’ve tried. They pull smoothly, and flavour is pretty good as well. Will definitely be one of my go to brands going forward.

  16. Road House (verified owner)

    I really like these cartridges. Sleek look. The containers they come in are just the right size and a good design. The oil taste very good, very mild weed taste. Smells nice and refreshing. Very smooth. You can tell that this product was done with care. I got Pink lady, does the job to unwind. And Shishkaberry, perfect for the day. You’re relaxed and happy, while focused and productive.
    Thanks BM for carrying this!

  17. CJH (verified owner)

    These are the best brand of vapes. It doesn’t matter what strain it is guaranteed to be good and they do not get plugged up.
    These vapes are also a great way to start your day. Couple puffs before heading out the door. Discreet and no smell. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

  18. Lacaar (verified owner)

    I got the Durban Poison and my only regret is not getting a strong indica to counter it haha.
    I feel the flower is well represented as this definitely gives me the effects leafly documents for Durban Poison.
    It’s not just a generic high imo.

  19. Hey_buddy (verified owner)

    Super disappointed by this one. The oil leaked out of the top within a few days making it useless unless you wanted gross sticky lips haha. Don’t think i’ll be buying their cartridges again.

  20. Jake (verified owner)


    Ordered sunkissed full gram cart, good price for the gram

    Has a light brown colour to it, very viscous
    Taste is ok, would order other brands from bm instead next time

  21. Jake (verified owner)

    Tom Ford pink kush

    Ordered TFPK, it’s a good price for a full gram cart

    Taste was off, slight earthy taste but I still have a lot of it left since I don’t use it compared to other brands

  22. Hyukki (verified owner)

    I bought Mimosa. At first I was a bit skeptical on the taste of it, but it honestly grew on me. It’s nice, smooth, doesn’t bite as much and isn’t as harsh as other strains. It delivers a nice and mellow high, makes my nose tingle a lot. I also like the packaging, makes it easier for me to keep track of.

  23. hnovik (verified owner)

    Top quality products. Simple shipping, and great customer service. As for the High Voltage, it’s my choice vape juice, as it’s the most bang for your buck with high quality.

  24. lord (verified owner)

    10/10 potency. Fav cartridges on the market. Flavourful. I’m hooked on this brand. Ordered a couple of those and so far no defects. The taste differences between the strains is impressive. Sponsor me.

  25. Smoking Sistah (verified owner)

    I had two…..the Master Kush and Wedding Cake and maybe it is just me but I didn’t really find much difference in them. However, the smoke was nice and there was a little tang of flavour just at the end of the pull/draw. I might try another just to see 😉 Why not? Lol

  26. scorpio9 (verified owner)

    All I can say is wow…great flavour and effects! I just tried the Gods Green Crack and this might be the very best nature show I have ever watched while cleaning my kitchen. Nice!

  27. Safetosurfthisbeach (verified owner)

    This is for the cotton candy grape but could be a review for all high voltage carts. They are the best carts I’ve had, always get a good high from any strain. I can never tell the flavor they all taste the same to be but the results is always great!

  28. Tarboss (verified owner)

    Cotton candy grapes was a delicious addition to the terp sauce menu. A nice calming buzz that doesn’t leave you tired yet happy and relaxed. Smooth and easy going

  29. Tarboss (verified owner)

    As always the high-voltage extracts are exactly as advertised. This sour amnesia is a delicious and clean tasting sour sativa that gives you the exact effect desired. I clearheaded focussed a buzz, but if you take too much will definitely leave you confused in the grocery store.

  30. Whimsical (verified owner)

    I ordered the Nuken and the Ortega strains. Nuken hit me like a truck filled with smaller trucks, and Ortega was pretty good too, if not as strong. I used a variable-voltage pen, and used 2.1v for the ortega, and 2.3v for the Nuken. Any higher and they tasted like it was burning: I recommend using low volts for these carts, friends. Nuken was a blast and would buy again, and its hard to beat this price!

  31. Dirlewanger (verified owner)

    The Tom Ford Pink Kush cartridge is hands down one of the strongest strains I have tried to date. Almost instant calm, not a daytime strain it will have you drifting off in no time.

  32. DM (verified owner)

    Amazing product. Would recommend any of the High Voltage products. Professional packaging. Phenomenal customer service through BudMail as per the usual.

  33. EDCF (verified owner)

    Picked up the LSD Sauce and I swear, the sauces in general just provide a more effective hit for the amount that I’m sipping. (Sips or Sipping: Taking small puffs :D) This just settles me in for a great evening!

  34. EDCF (verified owner)

    PIcked up the Big D Energy and am looking forward to having a great time with it! Really enjoying these cartridges in general and they’ve become part of our daily ritual to wind down the evening.

  35. InkiC (verified owner)

    I find these carts to be very high quality. They very seldom clog, and if they do, a simple draw on the cart unclogs it easily. I always order the 1ml as I think this is the best value. Just received the Grape Skunk. One hit on this vape and all my arthritis pain disappeared in a way my prescription meds cannot achieve! I highly recommend the Grape Skunk for aches and pains!!

  36. VapeGuru (verified owner)

    This is the best product i have ever purchased. This is the most potent tasty powerful vape cart you will ever get. The price is great and is definitely a premium cart.

  37. King (verified owner)

    Got the purple candy sauce, good flavour, wasn’t much of a selection at the time of trying it ,I just started getting cartridges after buying my Budmail vape pen it works really well i love it, really like adding a cart to my orders when I can.

  38. EDCF (verified owner)

    I LOVE WEDDING CAKE! The flavour on this one is just amazing. I’m usually a Pink-anything (Pink: Tom Ford, Kush, Lemonade) but this one surprised me in the flavour and the high. This cartridge is delicious and got some in my orders from Black Friday and Boxing Day sales and they are definitely a steal when they go on sale! Definitely one to get!

  39. beedub (verified owner)

    Absolutely love this brand of cartridges. The price is fantastic for the 1.0mL size and I have never had any issues with the slight clogging you often get as you get closer to the end of its usage.

    Always love when these ones go on sale, too, because it feels like a steal of a deal!

  40. spaceman (verified owner)

    I ordered Death Bubba for my wife who is battling PTSD and she is able to sleep a solid 8 hours. The flavor is amazing and these carts work excellent with the Budmail 510 battery.

  41. Safetosurfthisbeach (verified owner)

    Best carts around. Nuken has a bit of a skunk or sour flavour which i didn’t mind. Like all the other high voltage carts it hits me well. I don’t think I’ve had a high voltage cart I didn’t like. I’d buy this one again.

  42. Safetosurfthisbeach (verified owner)

    This is for the white guava strain. I find it hard to get sativas in these carts so I settled for the hybrid which is ok but I still prefer the straight sativa. The high was good and the flavor wasn’t nasty but didn’t really taste like much at all. I’ll buy again.

  43. Safetosurfthisbeach (verified owner)

    These are the best carts out there. I find they all are fairly similar just the one thing different for me is the flavor. Pineapple chunk doesn’t taste like pineapple or much of anything but the high is nice. I will buy again.

  44. DayTimeLush (verified owner)

    Easily my favourite cartridges, and usually the first ones I go for. Very smooth, easy to use and great value for the size. I find the death bubba hits especially well

  45. TheWizard (verified owner)

    Best refill cartridge available!
    Never had a problem with any of these cartridges and all of the flavors I’ve tried have tasted great. Order any of these and enjoy.

  46. Jake (verified owner)

    McFlurry- excellent smoke, taste is very smooth, well packaged and the tip is one of the better ones on the market. Best bang for buck my new go to for 510 carts

  47. SD (verified owner)

    This lasted me for a short while but it’s nice to use on the go, has a similar taste to other ones but maybe it’s just me. 2 puffs and I’m good to go lol

  48. Luke (verified owner)

    these are the shit. best price point for your money and high is great. have had these guys rosin too and it is fantastic, all around great company it seems.

  49. MR.BS (verified owner)

    Got the Violator kush and the MK. Both are great quality products, great taste, no need to crank up the vape. With 1ml to the .5 of other cartridges at the same price point…ill be getting these again!

  50. trailBlaz (verified owner)

    Amazing quality and best cartridges hands down for the price. Tried durban poison, lindsay and wifi all have been top notch potency and will order every time.

  51. Dirlewanger (verified owner)

    I tried the Purple White Lightning strain 3 strong pulls is all I can handle at one time. The flavour is fantastic! This was my first time trying High Voltage extracts, so far very impressed with the quality of the cartridge itself. I will buy again and recommend it to all my friends

  52. Tarboss (verified owner)

    I got the nuken this time, I’m happy with my choice. Each time I get a high voltage cartridge I’m happy with the potency and pure saucy taste. A solid buy every time.

  53. MM (verified owner)

    HVE My go to for carts, got a yocan uni now with these carts I can move to carts due to the cold weather.

    Wifi Og had me going throughout the days, gonna order a couple more

  54. Greenleaf (verified owner)

    I tried wedding cake and sour diesel and both were good with sour diesel being the tastier of the 2. These carts have never given me a problem infact I discovered that 10 watts or less on my smok alien works great. Always start at the lowest setting and play from there . You wont be disappointed best bang for your buck.

  55. Frank Bang (verified owner)

    This time I tried the Wedding Cake. I noticed that the smoke was a little harsh for my liking. With this strain I had to smoke a lot to get a relaxing high. I don’t regret buying it but I won’t buy this again. I give 3 stars since it wasn’t the worst I’ve had and it did do it’s job.

  56. Bakerbaker (verified owner)

    Best vape cartridge I’ve ever had. Highly recommend. I’ve tried several, the strength is great, whether Sativa, Indica or hybrid. You can’t beat the price either. I love the Indica before bed. Flavour profile is pretty good also, if that concerns you.

  57. Tarboss (verified owner)

    Very potent smoke with a discrete delivery system. Super tasty vape, and immediate effect. I very much like the taller tank with the clear plastic tip. Will def buy again

  58. slugger23 (verified owner)

    Tasty and potent! Great cartridges too, I’ve had four and zero issues with leaks, clogs, etc.
    Vapros Spinner 2 on 3.3, 3.8 no burn and big clouds. Awesome!

  59. WalleyeWhiskey&Weed (verified owner)

    These are absolutely the best carts that I have tried. I will never order a distillate cart again, as the sauce and live resin carts taste better, last longer, and feel smoother!

  60. riberg (verified owner)

    Next to the daily 1g syringes (0.5g prefilled is too much $) these are the heaviest hitting and most cost effective cartridge available. Decent flavours and every single one I’ve tried has hit hard. So far I’ve tried a few below and have been impressed with all (recently and in the past)

    Pink Kush
    Ghost Train Haze
    Island Sweet Skunk
    Purple Candy

    Can’t go wrong. 1g for 50 bucks rocks

  61. Nick Smith (verified owner)

    These carts are the best i’ve come across! They clog quite and each strain varies in potency but if you have a battery with voltage control you should be good to go!

    Will definitely buy more the next sale! 🙂

  62. nat (verified owner)

    I like these carts – my wife finds them a bit harsh but I’ve enjoyed super skunk and wifi/shishkaberry. They are a massive improvement over the Daily cartridges and on par with the BC Trees (or even a bit better) IMO

  63. XJ 710 (verified owner)

    Lemon Durban poison – one of the best carts I’ve ever had. Lemony goodness just like a fresh plant. Much better than B.C. Trees, better value too for a full gram.

  64. Nick Smith (verified owner)

    This is more on the expensive side but 1ml for $50 is easily one of the better deals out there… The vendor is solid.

    These carts come packaged in a cool looking container and are best best vaped on a device with variable voltage control.
    So far I’ve tried Wedding Cake, Master Kush and Purple Candy… I’m hoping to order/try more. Waiting for another sale!

  65. AnAbsoluteAlien (verified owner)

    Sweet Island Skunk: I don’t like giving low ratings because for the most part these full spectrum sauce cartridges have historically really impressed me. No where at all did this effect me like their Red Diesel which really floored me. This sativa strain was kind of underwhelming, however the positive note that can be taken away from this strain is that I haven’t experienced any burn out and I’ve been using it casually throughout the day. A full 1ml of full spectrum sauce; pretty sweet and skunky! Definitely a great taste! 7/10

  66. Og_kushlord (verified owner)

    I got three carts and I love them all. The actual cartridge is awesome and doesn’t clog like the others. I always have a great high from them and the flavour is on point.

  67. Kcart (verified owner)

    These are my go to carts. Great taste and high. And decent price.
    These carts last a long time too.
    But get yourself a decent battery with adjustable voltage. I usually set mine to 2.4v for these carts.

  68. AnAbsoluteAlien (verified owner)

    Red Diesel- all day high thc medicinal user. This stuff IS is a real powerhouse. 2/3 second blast off my pen and I’m stoned for hours! Energetic and uplifting. Ten mins max and my gastro pains are gone! Real medicine. No other cartridges from any company compares. Price to volume ratio combined with quality is best anywhere! 10/10

  69. Megs (verified owner)

    Got the purple candy vape cartridge. Love the container it comes in. Liked the intensity of this one just need a few puffs and feeling great. Taste was more of a sour pungent over all not to bad.

  70. Imbo (verified owner)

    I can’t stop buying these guys. Wow. Love. Seriously. Amazing. I bought a bunch of the Durban poison ones because that is my all time fav strain. The cartridges were on sale recently so I bought so many. Thanks

  71. betse (verified owner)

    Durban poison had the classic sativa buzz and the THCVA content was very noticeable which is pretty rare to see in my experience with vape carts. one of the few strains that doesn’t give you the munchies.

  72. betse (verified owner)

    ordered the super lemon haze and was very satisfied. nice smooth smoke uplifting and energizing at the same time. ccell cartridge held up till the end.

  73. Frank Bang (verified owner)

    I am in love with Platinum Girl Scout Cookies, this was such a delight. The smoke was so smooth and it hit me hard with a nice head buzz that lasted for hours. I will definitely buy this again if it comes back. A 5 Star rating not enough for how good this was.

  74. SheHigh (verified owner)

    This is my second time ordering, but my first time using an ACTUAL quality pen, instead of my old little Flyte/Skyy pen (remember the days?). I finally upgraded and I must say the smoke quality is so much better. The product itself is a great bang for the buck!

  75. (verified owner)

    I’ve been through a bunch of different types of carts, these are one of the best ones I’ve come across. Great flavor, great volume, great effects. I’m about to pick up a few more!

  76. Vapenaysh (verified owner)

    I love these carts, they are my go to at 50$ for 1ml Is hard to beat, ive tried many strains and enjoyed Them all although they were similar flavours with slight differences . I’ve never had one leak or break either they seem to be high quality

  77. Rockstarr (verified owner)

    Love these refills!!!! best bang for your buck. Have ordered three different strains so far and waiting for the third one to arrive. The price point is great, and taste and effect are decent, coughing on exhale sucks but overall great product.

  78. BANA56 (verified owner)

    The blue gelato was a nice, any time of day strain. It has the relaxing indica effects without knocking you out. These are pretty potent, but I tend to go through these carts faster than others.

  79. CJH (verified owner)

    Nice Delayed high, hits you when it’s needed. Good flavour. Not harsh. I love this brand as they don’t get plugged Like some other brands This is my go to vape

  80. SheHigh (verified owner)

    Not only a great deal for the amount you get, but this also smokes clean and does not taste like burnt oil like other products. I got the super lemon haze and it has a great citric smoke.

  81. sahamal_savu (verified owner)

    Pretty impressed with this cartridge. It’s a bit harsher than the smaller cartridges but definitely a good price for 1ml. The Master Kush was decent tasting but maybe another strain would be better in that category. I like the design of the cartridge itself, It hits really hard. Solid 4/5.

  82. Cris (verified owner)

    I got Strawberry Cough x Nuken. The taste wasn’t very good, left a bad aftertaste. The high basically just put me to sleep, felt pretty good but nothing too exciting. I’ve never had this strain outside of this cart though, so I’m not sure if it’s just the strain. The cart overall was pretty good quality, oil is good, works good in my vape and the packaging it came in was cute and secure. I think I will buy again, just in a different strain

  83. Gogo (verified owner)

    Great cart. I tried the master Kush and am really enjoying. About halfway through and it is very nice. Not an over the top high, just a nice head high. Definitely my go to way to toke when I have things to do during the day as there is no loss of foucs

  84. Hurthle (verified owner)

    I found this cart to be meh. I did not like the taste. Mostly distilate with a hint of pink kushness. Did not find the high anything like it’s name sake. Just a harsh vapor that irrated my lungs. Really doubt i would by again.

  85. Big Red (verified owner)

    Love Romulan in my Puma Mini. Definitely for nighttime use. I found it great for my insomnia. Nice taste and hits quickly and calmly. Awesome for sitting on the couch and taking in a movie or two. Will definitely purchase again.

  86. Jenjaylene (verified owner)

    I’ve been totally digging the LA Confidential. Amazing taste. And I’ve never had a cart last allllll the way to nothing with no burnt taste. Worth its price point.

  87. George (verified owner)

    Excellent strength, great taste with no bad aftertaste. It pulls great and lasts a while and is much more bang for buck than local dispensary. Absolutely love the product, check it out. I would reccomend it for anyone who likes to get scriggity wrecked and see the devil. When I blaze, my goal is to forget my girlfriend’s never ending chore list and nagging — drift in World of Warcraft and see the fucking devil. This helps me get there and can help you too.

  88. Diesel (verified owner)

    Not my favourite cartridge ever but also not the worst I’ve ever had. Somewhere in the middle. Probably won’t buy again but only because I think I can can a better cartridge for the price

  89. EDedNeddie (verified owner)

    Tried the blue guava and LA confidential so far. both are great but the blue guava is a better daytime vs LA confidential better nightime. Last long and one pull gives a great buzz

  90. Peek (verified owner)

    Platinum Girl Scout Cookies – Nailed it with this one! Just wow – packs a serious punch that kind of comes out of nowhere. Very pleasant taste, almost vanilla-ish, happy with the high as well. Another hit.

  91. Peek (verified owner)

    Super Lemon Haze – I like it, but found the taste was almost too powerful – very lemony. Not in a bad way, but if it was any more potent I might have to pass. Still happy, great buzz! Real score 3.5/5

  92. Peek (verified owner)

    Super Silver Chemdawg: I just knew this was going to be amazing. One of my fav strains and still remains so. I was hesitant that it wouldn’t be the same but nope – smooth smoke, great taste. Very happy with purchase!

  93. Dan (verified owner)

    right away when you first see the packaging of this cartridge you can see it is different from all the others. I am very pleased and will definitely order again

  94. Dirtochie (verified owner)

    These are the front runner for variety and quality in my opinion. Great strains and they pack a punch compared to some of the other offerings I have tried in the past.

  95. AP2000 (verified owner)

    I’m really pleased at how reliable these carts are, first of all. I haven’t had any clog even. That’s a plus right there. Buzz is excellent and potent. And great value too. These carts are larger for the $.

  96. six (verified owner)

    You get a whole lot for your buck that’s for sure ! Smooth and decent high but I didn’t find it lasted very long but well you get twice as much so I guess take an extra pull .. definitely worth the buy ! Try it !

  97. HappyCamperStace (verified owner)

    By far my fav Always great product with the best cart & tip ever… no product goes wasted with these.. they don’t plug up at all… excellent price. Tried once when my go to was put it stock… well, I have a new go to now! Mmmm 😋 THANKS BM

  98. G Funk (verified owner)

    Packaging and amount for price is decent, but personally found the potency lacking and a no discernable flavour profile, a little muddy even. Likely not a rebuy, although there are several new strains that are tempting

  99. Vapenaysh (verified owner)

    These are my go to carts, the flavour is always good and the potency is excellent as well. I think they are the best bang for your buck and hands down my favourite carts and I’ve tried a bunch.

  100. Dr.Greenthumb (verified owner)

    I ordered the wifi OG, and was plenty impressed with the taste and high. I have ordered lots of high voltage carts in the past and will always be a brand I continue to order as a nice treat.

  101. dudeman (verified owner)

    High Voltage was not disappointing! Tried out the blue guava and it was perfect. Smooth and got a really nice pleasant high from it. Worked perfectly with my current battery. Definitely best bang for your buck considering you get 1ml for 50$.I love the tip it doesn’t plug like other brand.

  102. Johnny (verified owner)

    Really good product. Not the best tasting but the high was better than most other cartridges I’ve ordered. I had the girl scout cookies. Ordered a couple others, hope they are as good.

  103. kurtains (verified owner)

    Best bang for your buck, 100%. Flavour profiles could be more defined, as I purchased 3 different flavours and found them all somewhat similar (Raspberry Cough, Hawaiian Punch, and Blue Guava). Clean, smooth tokes that dont leave you hacking.

  104. forkeg (verified owner)

    ordered amnesia haze, blue guava and Hawaiian punch and they all delivered very potent and clean highs. However, regarding the taste profile i found them to all be very similar. Definitely best bang for your buck considering you get 1 gram for 50$.

  105. Diesel (verified owner)

    First time ordering high voltage and very impressed with the product, will definitely order again. Only problem is I can’t figure out how to refill the cartridge.

  106. Outthebay (verified owner)

    This was my go-to vape juice for a while, one of the more economical choices on this site. The indica strains are very nice. Nice high with good flavor and discreet clouds.

  107. ClaireBear (verified owner)

    First time ordering High Voltage Extracts and was not disappointed! Tried out the blue guava and it was perfect. Smooth and got a really nice pleasant high from it. Worked perfectly with my current battery. Definitely recommend and will be trying their others.

  108. cake (verified owner)

    Price is reasonable considering the cart are 1ml. I don’t like that they are 50 percent distillate which isn’t advertised, and the taste isn’t anything like the strains picked. The three flavours I received also tasted mostly the same. Effects are short lived. Approx 45 minutes to an hour in my case. Very convenient for on the go. Smooth inhale but makes me cough after exhale. Overall nice vape experience, just wish it was pure full spectrum extract and had a better taste.

  109. Greenleaf (verified owner)

    I got death star, and purple candy, both equally good. Taste great potent. All I can say is that I’ve had 2 small pulls of each and I’m feeling good. Definitely a nice treat. Enjoy.

  110. Jimmy jack jones (verified owner)

    Hello again , its C dog Dinger ,, back to leave another review .well,1st I got the black lime and strawberry lemonade ,, found this oil to be very potent,, especially the strawberry lemonade . Clean flavour ,, some tasty varieties available … soaring sativa effect from the strawberry lemonade ,, black lime put me in my place ,, one solid hit levelled me out on the recliner …2 Nd pck I tried the wifi og , nice n spicy rich full flavour … 3rd time I got some Death Star ,, very potent . Great deal for a beautiful cartridge of oil , thank you BM

  111. Modern_smoker.710 (verified owner)

    I love these carts! I love that theyre mot distillate! Really terpy and you can tell its a qualoty product. I bought 3 more thats how good they are. Price wise theyre pretty good too! I love the strains they offer. I tried the strawberry lemonade, wifi-og and now im waiting on romulan another wifi og and a purple candy

  112. Do-you-dab? (verified owner)

    my other review must have been to harsh because it didnt get published lol.

    tastes just like lemonade and that typical concentrate taste. high is pretty awesome, i compare it to juicy fruit, very alert sativa high with great pain relief. Make sure you vape this on the lowest setting so you dont burn it.

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