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1.2g Refill Cartridge (Elements)


1.2g Cartridge

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Product Description

Elements 1200mg THC vape cartridges are made with a preoperatory distillate recipe that leaves everyone seeking for more. Delivering a smooth and potent experience with every draw. They come in 15 different flavours with super high terpene profiles. The THC oil is lab-tested for purity and potency to ensure the top quality is provided. People who value both convenience and quality will find THC cartridges an ideal choice. Don’t pass up this premium product and reward yourself to the best vaping experience right away!

Size: 1200mg
Lab-tested pure and solvent FREE oil
High terpene profile
Metal mouth tip

5 reviews for 1.2g Refill Cartridge (Elements)

  1. FrankieCdn (verified owner)

    I love these cartridges, stamped with the strain, no clogging, 1.2 g, great taste and effects, have tried 2 of the 5 strains I bought and I’m impressed. Will definitely be buying more.

  2. Let’s Party

    Enjoy these cartridges a lot. They are clean and easy to smoke and toke. They don’t dry up the throat and are smooth consistently and make everything enjoyable.

  3. Adam (verified owner)

    New to vaping, but I’ve been pleased with these products. I’ve used approximately 5 carts and have had no issues with quality control. Overall would recommend, but again new to vaping so may be better options out there.

  4. Rubn (verified owner)

    Cart hits nice, the price is also nice as well. Id recommend this. I also have a high tolerance and i had to hit this a good amount of times. I suggest grabbing this if its on sale

  5. Gabe (verified owner)

    Good taste, works well, and lasts a while. Tried the strawberry banana one, had a great smell and taste that was exactly that. Looking forward to trying other ones in the future.

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