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Kootenay Labs – Refill Cartridge

1 Gram

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Cloud kickers unite! No VG, PG, Vitamin E or any other thinners here. Just incomparably pure distillate and brilliantly formulated natural terpene profiles. Kootenay Labs is different from other cannabis companies. They believe that medicine can be fun and that candy doesn’t have to be bad for you. Through research and rigorous testing (getting high), Kootenay Labs can finely tune the individual experience of life by making colours brighter, pain duller and laughs harder.

Contains: 1 ml

25 reviews for Kootenay Labs – Refill Cartridge

  1. Chuck Brown

    Technically I didn’t buy these. I received them by mistake, because of another Kootenay product I ordered with an almost identical name. This is the first time I have received the wrong item in over 8 years. Thanks BM, for great customer service! (Very fair recompense to me, after a simple mistake! I’ve made mistakes on BM myself!)
    The BM staff gave me suggestions on what to do with the cartridges. You can pop them open and use a syringe to extract the extract!

    But that’s tricky and could be sticky! I bought a cheap 510 battery at the local shop. The 2 grams I received vaped well, the ceramic element didn’t burn out on either. Bueno!

    I can’t compare them to any other brand. I am waiting for another one I bought to try. I will review that brand later.
    But these vaped well at 3.3V-4.3V. (Max is 4.8) Starting low, I turn up the voltage as the battery dies. It’s probably giving-off the same current.
    Over 4.3V makes it taste wrong and changes the colour of the ceramic element, when you look in the little holes. It should be white, but can turn grey/black with overheating!

    They definitely don’t taste as good as the Kootenay distillates that come in a glass syringe, when reverse dabbed like I usually do. 1 toke and done. I found myself taking 6-10 hits and charging the battery every 2-3 sessions. (900MaH)

    My main problem is my battery. That has no effect on the rating.
    But the taste is lacking. It’s not fake. It’s just plain/Not great. Not Dope/Kushy/dank/budriffic… Even without additives it still tastes like a “burning” e-cigarette when you have 3 hits in a row/ make the element too hot.

    There’s my nickel. Since we sold most of our pennies to China!

  2. P (verified owner)

    Love the kootenay cartridges. Worked the best for me with the 510 battery. Banana, grape and strawberry cough were my favourites. But they changed the cartridge design recently and the hits don’t hit as good as the old design. The search for the best cartridge continues…

  3. Aiko (verified owner)

    Kootenay Labs’ Refill Cartridges from Budmail offer a premium vaping experience. Smooth, potent, and flavorful, these cartridges are a game-changer. Easy-to-use design, clean extraction process, and excellent strain selection. Highly recommended for vape enthusiasts!

  4. Stephen (verified owner)

    flavor is great! cartridges either leak or aren’t well cleaned. Overall a good buy when on sale, but not near the quality I usually expect from Budmail purchases

  5. Stephen (verified owner)

    Poor build quality means its like playing roullette to see if you get a leaky one or not. Also the flavour burn out fast in long sessions even at low voltage (3.2v)

  6. BobbyBIGGS (verified owner)

    Prices used to be amazing but with the new vapes coming out in 2 gram and 3 grams, this is no longer a great deal. Four stars for price, but for potency not my favourite.

  7. Frank Bang (verified owner)

    Strawberry cough is just amazing. Unfortunately after the 3rd day using the tip clogged up and takes awhile to unclog. After a week of use and struggling to smoke it it’s not even half and it stopped working.

  8. DM90 (verified owner)

    Kootney Labs uses poorly made cartridges that clog after every single use – you’ll need to have a vape pen that’s capable of heating on command so that you can burn off what’s causing the clog. Vape Pens that only heat up while inhaling are not compatible with Kootenay labs cartridges. This is the first time I’ve experienced poorly made cartridges!

  9. Bakerbaker (verified owner)

    The first few times i bought these they seemed ok. But with certainty i can say after the last few I’ve bought i won’t be buying Kootenay vape refills ever again. The last two i bought came apart completely with very little pressure while unscrewing them from the battery, the two i had before that leaked quite a bit and at this point I’ve lost over a mg of product thanks to their shoddy design. As for potency, middling at best, and these are definitely mixed with something as they are irritating on the throat. Fair warning you are getting what you pay for. 15$ extra and you can get any other superior vape refill here.

  10. WilliamP (verified owner)

    Strawberry cough is a fave strain of mine and this cart is a great example of the strain. A lovely tasting smoke that hits with a hard yet gentle head buzz. Very good for social events and discreet puffs while out and about.

  11. Choul (verified owner)

    Price is right, taste is good, too bad the product tends to leak. This issue is not new and does seem to be linked to the flavour. I also appreciate the fact that packaging is minimal (better for planet Earth).

  12. Duke (verified owner)

    Solid, locally made distillates with good strain selections and great value for the price. The cartridges themselves can be a bit wonky at times but generally they perform as well as any ccell type cartridge.

  13. Dickster (verified owner)

    Enjoyed the taste and buzz . The cartridge tended to clog near the end . Worked with 510 clone batteries. Lots of options for flavours. Would purchase this again .

  14. Choul (verified owner)

    Still 5 stars for those, however they tend to get somewhat clogged once they are half-used. To be totally frank, this unfortunately is something rather common with 1g cartridges…

  15. Bobby Santana (verified owner)

    Ordered grapefruit hash plant nice flavour great stuff cheapest distillate on budmail currently. Well worth it great clouds I am using the variable voltage battery by hazze on lowest settings.

  16. lord (verified owner)

    I got the grapefruit hashplant and unfortunately I’m pretty sure I got a defective cartridge. Seems to have an air leak which make it impossible to use. I have several High Voltage Extract cartridges on hand and they all work well with the battery i’m using.

  17. Tarboss (verified owner)

    Skywalker is a dank dank choice. Spicy notes and almost a eucalyptus taste. Very refreshing vape and hits like a bus behind the eyes. Relaxation and giggles are on the way. Nice choice for sure

  18. Tarboss (verified owner)

    Blue dream vape cart for the win.
    Very sweet tasting smooth vape for daytime highs and relaxing outdoors. Huts hard with big puffs of thick vape, great smoke.

  19. Tarboss (verified owner)

    Strawberry cough is a fave strain of mine and this cart is a great example of the strain. A lovely tasting smoke that hits with a hard yet gentle head buzz. Very good for social events and discreet puffs while out and about.

  20. Choul (verified owner)

    I have used a couple of those, and thus far no leakage issue. Consequently, I would call this is a good deal, even though you can find more potent vapes (but they are not in 1mg)…

  21. Sailor Gary (verified owner)

    I got the Blue Dream, excellent high, long lasting as well. I vaped it on the Budmail brand vape on the second highest setting. Love this cart and will definitely order it again.

  22. King (verified owner)

    Got the Skywalker it’s really good,I just started getting a cartridge in my orders after I got the budmail vape pen it’s awesome, great price, great function, I got Kootenay Labs distallate cartridge, Budda, live resin, shatter, all really good for the price

  23. Marys.jm (verified owner)

    Having tried the strawberry first, and then ordering blue dream after that ran empty .. the strawberry tasted far better, very candy like flavour. Blue dream is not very tasty, but that being said, it gives a really nice high and I would buy either one again based on the fantastic price. A cart lasts me about 2 weeks mixed with dabbing. Always throw one on the order when mine runs dry

  24. sweet420 (verified owner)

    Skywalker was very good for giving you an appetite, does not taste very nice and danks. Grand Daddy Purple and Blue Dream have a slight blueberry taste & a great high! 1ml ccell cart instead of .5ml worth the price! Works great with the Ccell palm and Silo battery.

  25. Slayer stoner (verified owner)

    Not the greatest tasting vape cartridge on the market but definitely a good deal for getting 1 ml instead of .5. Given that aspect, I bought 3 of these now and am happy with them. Does the trick

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