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Import – Red Lebanese Hash

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Product Description

Lebanese hash comes in two common varieties, blonde (yellow) and red. Though some argue that blonde and red are two separate strains, they are made with cannabis harvested at different stages in the growth cycle.

Blonde hash is made from plants harvested early when they are high in THC and produces nice cerebral effects. Red Lebanese hash comes from plants that are a little bit older and are said to contain higher amounts of non-psychoactive CBN, making the effects sedating and highly relaxing.

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22 reviews for Import – Red Lebanese Hash

  1. Scottie2hottie (verified owner)

    Always a pleasure scoping out the deals on Budmail. Super good selection on multiple types of products. Have ordered different types of hash from Budmail before and am always super impressed with quality of products I receive from them. Just received red Lebanese hash and am once again blow away by product quality and speed of delivery. Thanks Budmail

  2. Cano (verified owner)

    Good hash. Highly recommend. Good for sitting around all day and do nothing. Good body buzz, wicket smell. If you are thinking of buying some. Please do

  3. derelict (verified owner)

    It’s been awhile since I’ve had some decent red leb. Fresh, pliable, with that distinctive smell. Tastes delicious, and kicks like you would expect. I would buy again.

  4. ellieOH (verified owner)

    thank you very much Budmail for having a deadly selection of hash. this red Lebanese blew me away with its state as well as it’s smooth smoke. I may have only purchased a gram but it’ll be around for some time.

  5. gmac (verified owner)

    This stuff is lovely! What a nice treat. Tastes delicious. Smells really great as well. Really enjoying the new paper wrapping in the packaging. It definitely improves the persistence of the aroma and flavour. Get some of this well it lasts!

  6. Jake (verified owner)

    Ordered 3.5G

    Very nice smoke very malleable don’t have to take a lighter to it

    Has a nice stone to it, definitely a body stone my mind feels clear. Would buy again

  7. Amo (verified owner)

    I would give this hash a 3.5 out of 5 as it is easy to work with and rolls well.. A bit darker than the Red Lebanese from the mid 70’s
    As far as the effects, it comes on lightly, no hard hit get over the hump anxiety. a great daytime smoke either in a pipe or roll up a spliff and enjoy!
    Thanks again BM offering a variety of hash within your portfolio.

  8. Jesse (verified owner)

    Been awhile since I got the Red Leb very nice colour I like that it was pact in a proper wax paper not to waste the potency or freshness. It is however not the most potent hash out there but the taste and texture is good and it will still give you a good buzz. I am giving five stars ⭐️ baste on the hash I received.

  9. Beans (verified owner)

    This hash is awesome I like it better than most of the Afghan stuff. Burns nice has a better taste and I find it blends better with tobacco when rolled in a joint.

  10. Bird (verified owner)

    Love this hash. Very mellow, none of the anxiety I sometimes get. Compared to the gold Lebanese, for example, it doesn’t hit you like bomb but more like a soft blanket. Also, the red leb I received was in fact a “red” hash. Don’t expect it to look like a red velvet cake though – that is to say, it’s not bright red. However, if you compare it to the Mazar-I-sharif, Maroc, various Afghans, gold leb, etc., the difference is obvious when you tear a chunk off.

  11. Krissy (verified owner)

    Totally 5 stars in my book. Has a nice flavour, very chill effects, and is super smooth! Makes a great addition mixed in with my doobies. I’m a huge fan of all Lebanese hashes and this one definitely didn’t disappoint!

  12. Jamjam (verified owner)

    4* rating as I felt that the smell before burning was a little ‘playdough’ish. Also when heating it up to roll a joint, I could tell it was low on THC count. Felt very dry. Buzz was pleasant. Pretty chill, but definately not that hard hitting. Prefer the Moroccan Import for a mellow buzz, and the Mazar for something a bit stronger. Not bad, but a bit costly for the buzz.

  13. crbcrowes420 (verified owner)

    Grabbed a gram of this..was pretty good. However, I like the Mazar-I-Shariff better since it’s the same pricing. That said, it was a nice “trip” down memory lane.

  14. Jake (verified owner)

    First hash purchase in 2 years, bought an eighth for a little more then I was hoping, but wow what an excellent product, not super hard to manipulate like others, super smooth to taste and smell, excellent for hot knives or pipe

  15. jimbob22 (verified owner)

    Wow – best craft batch I’ve tried yet. Was easy to prep with tobacco, tasty to smoke, and the best was very little to no paranoia/anxiety. Definitely a mellow buzz but I found as much of a kick as others on here. Perhaps a bit shorter of duration too – but hard to say for sure.

    Buying again for sure. Pricey but worth it. Major kudos to BM for bringing in this and other craft products from around the world. 20, 10, or even 5 years ago I would’ve said you we’re nuts if you said we’d have access to craft product from around the globe. An amazing era we live in 🙂

  16. JP Gordon (verified owner)

    A little pricey but a great product for me.
    You do not get the zombie buzz but rather a calm body relaxing feeling.
    Calms the pain for my chronic pain.
    Taste brings me back a lot of years.
    BUDMAIL—Keep up the great work.

  17. D (verified owner)

    A rare five star. Awarded as such because it is exactly what it is supposed to be.
    Easy to work worth, great taste and smell.
    Not super potent with respect to getting stoned but very relaxing and calming. Really helped with an IBS “moment”; totally calmed my stomach down.
    BM provided great communication , and product consultation.

  18. Jesse (verified owner)

    I had bought a quarter ounce of this Red hash to try as I have never tried Red hash before and I Was not disappointed with the taste or buzz only that it did not have Red colour so feel a little Cheated for calling it Red Lebanese that’s why I gave only 4 stars instead of five still a great hash though.

  19. Fugen (verified owner)

    Tried a gram of this and wasn’t disappointed; not my preferred variety being hard and glassy like some others I’ve had. If you like softer brownie-type hash I recommend the Afghani Pressed.

  20. Dailytoker (verified owner)

    never had this kind of hash before and i must say it was very nice. I bought a small metal hash pipe like the ol days and i been puffing on all sorts of hash on here. The taste is amazing through that pipe not sure why. My glass hardware doesn’t do the hashes no justice. Raised screen high up in the bowl then i roll the hash out into a string and coil it up like a stove top element. Lite the tip and drop it into the pipe. It never goes out no lighter needed and burns like a mosquito coil. This red hash makes me feel relaxed after work mixed with some indica later on and im out cold till my alarm sounds in the am.

  21. Mykhthrone (verified owner)

    This stuff was nice. Very mild but it says so in the description. Zero paranoia on this one, good buzz for relaxing in the evening. I took away one star as it’s a little pricey for such a mild buzz. Still enjoyable though.

  22. 27and73 (verified owner)

    real leb red it broke through even though my tolerance was high… tastes like hash should. it will last me a while. BM has the real strains and landraces.

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