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Live Resin (Kleerx)


1 Gram

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3 reviews for Live Resin (Kleerx)

  1. Chuck Brown (verified owner)

    GMO: Yellow hue, crystaline. Sourish smell. A more earthy taste with a bit of sour. Still burned fairly clean.

    Sour Amnesia: An almost white goop. It’s not too thick or thin. Sweet taste for a second, then sour. It’s a bit trippy too. Burns clean reverse dabbed.

  2. Chuck Brown (verified owner)

    Jack Herer: Wow again the clarity is great. It’s almost white. It has a sweet almost “vegetable” taste. If I remember correctly, that is what Jack Herer bud tasted like to me. Burns clean and is smooth.

  3. Chuck Brown (verified owner)

    Gushers: An almost white goop. It’s an even consistency. Workable. It tastes quite sweet during and after the toke. It’s almost candy-like. It’s good!
    My package came really well sealed this time. The vacuum seal was tight! No jingles, no spills! A+

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