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Live Resin (Kleerx)



Live resin is a premium concentrate made from flash-frozen cannabis, preserving its cannabinoids and terpenes. This sticky, golden substance offers rich flavor and potent effects, making it highly esteemed among cannabis enthusiasts.

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Product Description

Just take a peek at KleerX and you’ll find that it is your go-to source for all of the finest cannabis products. They use only award-winning flowers and growers to create their top-shelf distillates, shatters, budders, and vape pens. This means that you won’t have to sacrifice quality for convenience when you shop with KleerX. What’s more, by implementing a rigorous triple-checking system at every step in their production process, Kleerx can guarantee that their products meet the highest standards of purity and potency.

Whether you want something super fancy or just an everyday product that fits your budget, Kleerx has got your back! With an unbeatable selection of premium goodies like disposable and rechargeable vape pens to choose from, you can trust the experts at Kleerx when it comes to all things cannabis related.

What’s Live Resin?

Live resin is a premium concentrate made from flash-frozen cannabis, preserving its cannabinoids and terpenes. This sticky, golden substance offers rich flavor and potent effects, making it highly esteemed among cannabis enthusiasts.

How’s It Made?

Produced by professionals using closed-loop systems, live resin extraction involves flash-freezing harvested cannabis, grinding it, then extracting compounds like THC, CBD, terpenes, and flavonoids using solvents. After purging the solvents, the resin is preserved for distribution to dispensaries.

Using Live Resin:

Live resin offers versatility in consumption:

Dab it: Heat the nail in your dab rig, place a bit of live resin on it, and inhale the vapor.
Vape it: Attach a live resin cartridge to a battery-operated vape pen for easy inhalation.
Mix it with flower: Enhance the flavor and potency of your joint or bowl by adding a small amount of live resin.

11 reviews for Live Resin (Kleerx)

  1. Gray8 (verified owner)

    First time trying resin, love it! Will be adding to future orders for sure. Very malleable, easy to handle with the right tools. Thanks again budmail!

  2. Hindu Kusj (verified owner)

    One of my favorite strains ever. Extract is a bit dry but its really potent and flavourful. Doesn’t taste quite like what I’ve had from hindu kush bud but I’ll try this brand again for other strains.

  3. Hindu Kusj (verified owner)

    Really good extract, consistency is wet but easy to work with. Slightly sweet flavour on the exhale. Packaging is good, I would buy this brand in baller jars if it was available.

  4. Chuck Brown (verified owner)

    Super Lemon Haze: Arrived fairly solid, not as wet. Iconic Sour/Haze smell.
    A little more golden than beige. Just the right amount of thickness. Crystaline honey-like. Reversed dab cleanly. 7 chuckles-tickle, triple cough.
    I did smoke a bubbling bowl of resin, then capped it. It was probably about 0.1.
    Enough for me. More than enough for many!

  5. Chuck Brown (verified owner)

    Hindu Kush: It’s wet. It arrived on the lid even though it’s cold!
    If it were warmer it might have leaked out.
    Anyway, it smells and tastes great. Like the strain. Beige and Burns fairly clean. Exactly what I expected.

  6. Bman3192 (verified owner)

    Honestly great stuff, a little strong but that’s what the doctor ordered. Easily dabable no loss of product, jar was sealed properly and I mean what else can I say it got me ripped

  7. Chuck Brown (verified owner)

    MAC 1: Definitely thicker. Almost a yellow earwaxy colour. How do I describe the smell? Floral, earthy, sour? Taste is defintely floral and sour. KleerX seems less saucy than before. There were a lot of spills!
    Maybe it’s just the season. In the Summer my room can be 25-30C, Right now it’s 18C. Recently Biscotti was quite saucy, same temp. 18C. So I’m not sure!

  8. Chuck Brown (verified owner)

    Point Blank: A beige, very light yellow hue. I’m not sure how saucy it is. It’s on the side of the container. But it’s cold and just came from the mailbox.
    It smells citusy/sour and a little sweet. Taste is Sourish. I like it.

  9. Chuck Brown (verified owner)

    GMO: Yellow hue, crystaline. Sourish smell. A more earthy taste with a bit of sour. Still burned fairly clean.

    Sour Amnesia: An almost white goop. It’s not too thick or thin. Sweet taste for a second, then sour. It’s a bit trippy too. Burns clean reverse dabbed.

  10. Chuck Brown (verified owner)

    Jack Herer: Wow again the clarity is great. It’s almost white. It has a sweet almost “vegetable” taste. If I remember correctly, that is what Jack Herer bud tasted like to me. Burns clean and is smooth.

  11. Chuck Brown (verified owner)

    Gushers: An almost white goop. It’s an even consistency. Workable. It tastes quite sweet during and after the toke. It’s almost candy-like. It’s good!
    My package came really well sealed this time. The vacuum seal was tight! No jingles, no spills! A+

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