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Kootenay Labs – Cherry Oil


1 Gram

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Product Description

Known by many names, extracted cannabis oil is a rainbow of opportunity for the price conscious consumer.

Whether you enjoy smoke, vape, edible or topical it is the most affordable way to bring this plant into your life.

34 reviews for Kootenay Labs – Cherry Oil

  1. Marie (verified owner)

    This product is a good one! It tastes great. The price is really good for the quality. It tastes stronger than honey oil (my favorite), but it is really good imo.

  2. Lava (verified owner)

    Was a great oil, Peppery taste if used in a vape cartridge but nothing unpleasant. Great for edible or has a topper. I really like to put some on gummy before eating it

  3. Jesterthewrestler (verified owner)

    New to oils so took me a bit to get used to refills, but the value and taste of this cherry oil was amazing. Full spectrum and fun to mix with other stuff as well.

  4. Turn (verified owner)

    This is very good oil and a good price for it. The taste is good and easy to apply to a paper in the syringe. I like to ad a few grams to my orders or just on their own.

  5. derelict (verified owner)

    Easily spreadable, good value . I’m off tobacco so I spread on paper and make little balls for the pipe. Decent buzz, and leaves a pleasant after taste. I’d buy again

  6. Amysaidnomnom (verified owner)

    Woot woot! Yup, this stuff at $20 is the way to roll, folks! Looking for flavour? Nope, press on. Looking for an experience at a discount? You’ve got it. And, what more do you need? Loving it.

  7. Dabsandcoffee (verified owner)

    Excellent full spectrum oil. Total bargain at $20 a gram. Flavourful and the Indica hits like a hammer to the forehead. I’m going to order more right now…

  8. aweedbythewall (verified owner)

    Enjoyed this oil quite a bit, the deep cherry flavour is pleasant and it smokes easily in both joints and my vape. Smooth taste and lovely buzz. Will be repurchasing.

  9. trysite (verified owner)

    The Kootenay Labs Cherry Oil (Hybrid) was a trial and error for me. Price was quite appealing but product reflected the price point. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t “bad” but I would recommend the DSD Cherry Oil before this one. Should you consider this advice, do yourself a favor and upgrade to the Kootenay Honey Oil (Hybrid) instead and actually enjoy what your smoking!

  10. Beans (verified owner)

    Really like oil in joints and for the price can’t go wrong tastes nice and burns clean for the hybrid version. Like everything from Kootenay thanks for the hook up BM

  11. VapeGuru (verified owner)

    Works fantastic in a ccell ! Taste is good and gets the job done. I get the hybrid and is good for work. Burns clean does not clog up the ccell like other cherry oils can.

  12. Fat 🐱 (verified owner)

    Extremely easy to get into the vape pen Tasted excellent I thought the taste was good arrived well packaged Burnt Queen tasted great nice colour Great price

  13. sammy22bammy-7308 (verified owner)

    Absolutely love this i buy this product time and time again. Really good flavour, nice consistency and makes loading into my rubi incredibly easy. Would highly recommend!

  14. Chad (verified owner)

    Nice – well worth the price, potent Indica extract. I’m currently putting it on rolling papers to stretch this bit of shake I have left. No complaints.

  15. Turn (verified owner)

    I have tried the sativa, the indica and the hybrid. I certainly like them all but my favorite would be the hybrid. For the price, give it a try it will be worth it.

  16. Cyberstace (verified owner)

    Bought it for a friend and they found it not bad for the price at all so because i have not tried it myself i will give it 4 stars. Now i am gonna order one to try myself and then i’ll review again.

  17. Kaibh20 (verified owner)

    This is a good buy, nice taste and this product is easy to work with, A little harsh if youre smoking lots. Very nice buy I would definitely recommend, im glad the carry this product!

  18. Kaibh20 (verified owner)

    Good product especially bang for your buck. Very easy to use and deal with. Nice color and it is fairly odourless. Nice taste on both the hybrid and Indica. A little strong but overall a great buy

  19. Gotitfishbirds (verified owner)

    Its ok for price point but not as good as they honey sticks that they produce. Great to add to some good or use in dab rig all in all test ur lungs as it does make one cough

  20. Hash1st (verified owner)

    This is a very nice product, very potent, kind of red thick oil, easy to work with.
    Last time, i bought 5 units and i would most definitely buy this great product again!
    Thanks guys!

  21. Chris26 (verified owner)

    Very Nice product.. It Is odorless when i vape it and it not buzz off. The product is good and easy to use. I love it and sure i will buy it again!!!!

  22. Dailytoker (verified owner)

    Taste is on point with any other cherry oil I’ve had. This one is pretty thick so it is a littler more versatile then others without any manipulation. Very pleased with this stuff. Will be ordering again and again and again. Well done

  23. Chuck Brown (verified owner)

    I bought the Hybrid. Which is my preference.
    I have bought a lot of Darkside Cherry/Honey, and Oro Golden/50:50.
    For $20 this is worth it!

    It tastes pretty good dabbing in a rig, not much harsher than Darkside Honey… On par smoothness with Darkside cherry, IMO. It’s thick, but not anymore so than Darkside.
    Only problem I have would be… I had a clean rig, and one dab has left a lot of residue. But hey, it’s CHERRY oil and worth the price.

    This is great on your wallet. I normally use Oro Golden, which is 80% THC… A rice grain sized dab of this Kootenay cherry and I am baked. I could have another toke, I will!

    It’s good! Just about as strong as Darkside CHERRY. I like clean dabs, so if I’m buying cherry. I think I’d prefer this one… Just to save a few bucks. It’s par ~ cherry oil, at a cheap price. Thanks Kootenay. And BM.

  24. trudy (verified owner)

    Got the sativa. Ate half a mL and got a nice lift. 90 min later I ate the rest and I was blasted in a good way. Going to order this a third time when it’s in stock. It also makes me drink less because there’s no need.

  25. Koibito (verified owner)

    Got these guys to refill my Vape pen. Better once warmed up. Much cheaper then most refill vape cartridges, easy to dab with or to take under the tongue. Hubby wishes I got both an Indica and sativa but I went all 3 Sats :p

  26. Turn (verified owner)

    Not bad for sure, I would buy it again at the lower price of other cherry oils. I bought the sativa and smoked it in a spliff like I have always smoked oil.

  27. Chris26 (verified owner)

    Very good product to vape!!! Im not to high not to slow just ok to Running my day and do my thing. It smell good and taste good to. I really love this product and buy it again

  28. Kaibh20 (verified owner)

    The cherry oil is a decent bang for your buck. Both versions and different but nice tastes to them and are a reasonable strength. Not the cleanest product in my opinion as it is a little rough, overall, Id recommend a try!

  29. FrankieCdn (verified owner)

    Not to shabby for the price, I bought one of each, the sativa, hybrid and Indica. They are all nice and thick, great for hot knives, however I did find I could only do about 6 hits and then my throat was done for which is unusual for me. All in all worth the money! Thanks BM!

  30. Rad (verified owner)

    I’ve always loved cherry oils and this one doesn’t disappoint. The Sativa is noticeably different and great for a day in the forest. This cherry oil hits great through a dab rig (hashy taste when dabbed) or mixed in with greens.
    It’ll do the trick.

  31. trudy (verified owner)

    greatoil not that tasty however has a potent buzz when smoked and blastedout of your mind when u eat 1ml for real a must try will reorder want to try the p tears honey oil

  32. JT (verified owner)

    This oil is great and does the job. Well worth the price. I like the Hybrid the best, but the Sativa and Indica work great too. I don’t recommend for vaping, oil is too thick.

  33. Rocks (verified owner)

    I was a bit skeptical on this but what the heck. Taste is reasonable effect the same, good on Kootenay labs for making a budget product for those that need it in these times we live in!!! Myself, I’ve produced before since before the internet and have become what one would say “none current” in the ways of modern extraction, but from what I’ve looked at what i smell taste and feel this is a fantastic sugar leaf oil like we used to do a double rinse on a drop batch and just turn the fan up in the ROOM and let things take care of themselves. Nostalgic!!!! Thanks everyone

  34. HolyHandGrenade (verified owner)

    Unlike every other product from Kootenay Labs I have sampled (all home runs), this was something of a disappointment. Didn’t burn well, and the flavour was like something that had been scraped out of a rig. Get their honey oil, live resin, or distillate instead.

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