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Candies (Twisted Extracts) – Cara-Melts


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Product Description

Caramel and Cannabis are flavours that compliment each other. Our gourmet Cara-Melts provide a consistent and reliable delivery system for the ingestion of cannabis.

  • 10 mg THC per Indica Cara-Melt
  • 8 Cara-Melts per package
  • 80 mg THC per package


Directions: Cara-Melts are individually wrapped in 10 mg doses. Cut in half for 5 mg doses. If you are new to cannabis, you may consider starting with a 2.5 mg dose. Allow 60-90 minutes for full effects before and additional dose is considered. Take with food for best results.

Non-Active Ingredients: Corn syrup, sugar, milk, fructose, hydrogenated coconut oil, butter, mono and diglycerides, salt, soy lecithin, vanillin-artificial flavour.

Active Ingredients: Activated cannabis extract.

This product may melt or soften if exposed to heat. If you receive melted Twisted Extracts Cara-Melts please chat with an agent.

66 reviews for Candies (Twisted Extracts) – Cara-Melts

  1. Sam (verified owner)

    This is heaven in your mouth, these are delicious and the buzz is strong but smooth and lasts for a while.

    Caramelts are honestly the best edibles i had yet.

  2. Magicbearsentme (verified owner)

    These are just great for low dose and for top-ups. Taste good; have a little fat in ’em to help with uptake; don’t really go off if they happen to go stale (I’ve accidentally left the bag open more than once). Sometimes have the ‘grassy” or “herby” taste to them, but I 100% don’t mind that. In fact, I think it goes well with the taste of the caramel.

  3. HighRy (verified owner)

    These are the best edibles I have had to date, pure and powerful ! Highly recommend !! I was surprised with the quality of the high, Will buy again for sure !

  4. Kee (verified owner)

    Both the Indica and the sativa caramelts deliver every time! The product itself tastes great and softer than I expected the first time I ordered which makes it’s a great treat

  5. Mel (verified owner)

    These caramels are so amazing!! They give you a nice high that’s relaxing. I love the fact that they’re hard. I will definitely be ordering these again

  6. elliej (verified owner)

    These are not only delicious but consistent in the high field!
    Always my favorite go to when I want to relax but not fall asleep. 10 mg is a perfect dose.

  7. treladero

    The perfect product for low dose thc. Sometimes had a funny taste which I attributed to the infusion process. Love caramels any day of the week so these were perfect for trying out edibles.

  8. Dougie fresh (verified owner)

    Love the indica ones not super strong but they leave you feeling chilled out still able to function and they taste great i would recommend these to anyone from newbie to pro 👍

  9. genericid (verified owner)

    A tasty way to get THC. It takes a short time for these to work. I can tell it’s working from the need to eat. Very relaxed as well. Purchased more on my next order.

  10. Sailor Gary (verified owner)

    I’ve ordered these a few times and am always happy with them. The taste is very good and the dose is consistent which is important to me where edibles are concerned.

  11. Olivia (verified owner)

    LOVE these caramels. Since each one is 10 mg THC, I take 2 1/2 at a time. Gives you a really nice buzz. You are very “chill” when you have these! My go-to, my favourite! Sometimes they are out of stock so I have to wait until they are in stock again. Enjoy!!!

  12. Heather73 (verified owner)

    My favorite edible! I love the taste and it’s a nice relaxing high. It takes me about 60 mins to kick in, but then I have a great sleep and a nice relaxing time.

  13. MissyV (verified owner)

    These are my absolute #1 fave edible product from BudMail. Super tasty & super effective – almost too effective. I try to split them from how strong they are. Definitely recommend these

  14. BashfulBunny (verified owner)

    I absolutely love these!! These caramelts are to die for. They taste great and give you a great high. These caramelts are a regular purchased item for me.

  15. Care-mel (verified owner)

    These baby’s are great throughout the day and keep me motivated !
    Nothing like some great tasting caramel melting in your mouth that makes your body feel are warm and fuzzy ☺️
    Top notch!

  16. Smac (verified owner)

    My friends and I absolutely love these. Of course we need a couple packs between us but these little morsels are delicious and smooth. Not much of a weed taste.
    Best part they don’t stick to your teeth

  17. highskid (verified owner)

    These are great.. not too strong just the right high in my opinion. and they taste good too. so it’s a plus there too. they get soft if left in pant pockets.. just keep that in mind. enjoy.

  18. Matty (verified owner)

    Very tasty and quick to act… I ate 3 of them and felt truly amazing! I love the mixture of weed and caramel, they are tasty, creamy and very delicious.

  19. M’lady (verified owner)

    These have a really yummy flavor and taste great.. I took a couple and the buzz was perfect, just what I was looking for. Tried both the indica and sativa, would recommend for sure.

  20. Adam (verified owner)

    I prefer the jelly bombs from this company. Honestly they didn’t taste very good and I wouldn’t order these again. They do give you a little buzz but overall not for me.

  21. KrookedKing (verified owner)

    Very tasty caramels that pack a decent punch. Nothing over the top but definitely a great buzz for anytime of day. Take 2 or 3 if you want a really good buzz.

  22. Eatmyswiss (verified owner)

    Take1 happy .2 good buzz and take 3 to have a nice deep sleep yes they taste more weed than other candy but hey they are weed candy 😉 have fun try new stuff

  23. NB (verified owner)

    My boyfriend really likes these! He needs something a bit stronger than mota gummies so he likes these. If he takes more than one though he’s gone for the evening!

  24. Jreefer (verified owner)

    I really enjoyed these. Not the strongest but the indica is really nice just before bed. I like to eat 2/3 but that’s my preferred doseage. Others might find that a bit to much to suggest starting with 1

  25. nat (verified owner)

    Good potency similar to their gummies, but caramel and sticking to teeth is not what I enjoy in an edible. I ordered a few because the gummies go out of stock but I would rather the gummies any day.

  26. Hossman (verified owner)

    Best tasting edible out there if you ask me, 1 candy will last 5-10 minutes if you savour it, good little buzz if you go out for some errands around town

  27. Shutterbugf (verified owner)

    Not bad. I found the texture a little hard to chew (like a stale soft werthers) but the effects were quicker than some gummies. Did the trick and was on the way to happy town.

  28. Adri (verified owner)

    As any caramel melt, these would naturally get stuck in your teeth but that’s candy for you.
    Got the sativa one and absolutely loved it.
    I felt pretty good after eating 2 and got all giggly. But my tolerance is low with edibles, so i get high pretty easily.
    Would definitely buy this again !

  29. NewbHigh (verified owner)

    Went through 2 bags, Sativa and Indica, taking 5mg dosage. Worked every time without fail, which I can’t say for other edibles!
    Tastes fine, effects kick in after 45 minutes max. Will buy again.

  30. Complicated1316 (verified owner)

    Individually wrapped 10 mg dose. I usually buy the Sativa and normally take 1 and have energy to do things. These candies are one of my must-have edibles. They taste great and you will feel nice after about 30 min. Take half if you are a new user to edibles. These are my favourite ones!

  31. vluciak (verified owner)

    First time trying this brand and form of edible. Convenient for ease of dose size and having used two 10mg size to get an effect which lasted a few hours and was good for going to bed and having a nice rest.

  32. 6ight (verified owner)

    Very nice!
    Hope that these are always in stock as they taste delicious and give me a nice subtle buzz. Definitely recommend starting with half if you want to be functional and a full if you want to veg out/ bedtime

  33. J-Lee (verified owner)

    These are great go to candies, reasonably priced & great flavour with a nice, not over powering high. The Sativa was good for daytime productivity. ..

  34. Dan (verified owner)

    These happen to be delicious. The combination of flavours of caramel and cannabis is perfect. I would prefer if they came in stronger doses but I just eat more of them.

  35. Fagglebean (verified owner)

    These are my absolute favourite candies. One in the morning one at lunch and 5 in the evening. I love they way they taste. I would definitely buy a much larger package if it were available.

  36. Sailor Gary (verified owner)

    Have had the indica before and liked them, tried the sativa and they were also very good. The dosage is perfect for me, not too strong but uplifting and calming.

  37. EastCoast69 (verified owner)

    These are very tasty and work great! If you have never tried them before start with half! I took a half one and slept great! My wife tried a full one to start and felt it was too much, 1/2 for her was perfect. She doesn’t indulge very often!

  38. Fed (verified owner)

    These Indica caramels are fantastic for relaxing and chilling in the evening! ^_^ One is enough for me and I’m an occasional user. I like that they’re individually wrapped compared to other edibles. You can taste the cannabis a bit but it’s not overpowering and the good caramel flavor masks it well. Highly recommended! 🙂

  39. Tom (verified owner)

    Taste great. Just like real carmels. Strong body high. Definitely would recommend for users who dont want to get too high off of a product they buy on here

  40. lauren (verified owner)

    great for relieving anxiety and stress. i like to take these about 2 hours before bed to really help me relax and wind down. Not to mention the taste isn’t bad either!

  41. Kayak Kid (verified owner)

    The sativa caramels are so easy going for a mellow work day. Very light functional buzz. Helps take the edge off the stress level. The indica have a gentle muscle relaxing quality but you need more than one if needed for pain control. Great products.

  42. Chicky (verified owner)

    Has a little bit of a weedy taste to it but besides that, the taste was ok. Had to take 2 for myself to feel anything but nice buzz, husband took one and was humming nicely.

  43. Shellzzz (verified owner)

    These were amazing. They melt in your mouth. I bought these a while back and kept one in safe keeping, just ate it last night and it was still a great high!

  44. Smac (verified owner)

    I’ve tried both, delicious little morsels no weedy taste to them.
    They are a perfect little candy. The dose could be higher then wouldn’t need to eat 2 or 3 at a time.

  45. BuffaloJay (verified owner)

    We really liked these sativa candies, really tasty. I usually ate two and the wife had one. Good buzz for daytime use.
    Took a bit of time to kick in but felt focused still.

  46. Shorty (verified owner)

    These were my favourite until they just started to go right through me 🙄 these were my very first edibles I tried
    Would like it of the were higher thc though

  47. t-dog (verified owner)

    These were good. I purchased the sativa version. Need to take a few (for me 3 at a time) because of the low dosage, but otherwise they were yummy, and the dosages seemed to be accurate.

  48. Shorty (verified owner)

    These are the best, you need a couple though to feel anything, but it’s not a bad price, but could be cheaper the amount you get. It’s gets stuck in your teeth though

  49. Andy (verified owner)

    These little amazing things are my go to candy. Great for taking the edge off…doing yard work, great for golfing and I recently even played some ice hockey with these bad boys. Highly recommended!!

  50. Nads (verified owner)

    These are my favorite edibles. I recommend them to anyone who is wanting something tasty and mild to start with ! I order these every time I place an order!

  51. Not your mother (verified owner)

    I bought these for my husband because he is a bit of a lightweight and he loved them! The flavour is a bit weird but tasted pretty good. The high wasn’t super intense but was exactly what he was looking for. Great for beginners or someone wanting just a soft high.

  52. Brecat (verified owner)

    These are so so yummy! Love the taste and the buzz. Caramels are definitely going on the list of would purchase again. They are very smooth and creamy.

  53. Gus (verified owner)

    Not sure if I got a bad batch or if this is how they are supposed to taste. The effect is fine, but two candies in and they taste horrible. The only reason I gave a three is for the benefit of the doubt I just got a bad batch. Has happened before with gummy candies where I had really good ones of the same product and just got one bag that was off, so totally possible.

  54. Cat (verified owner)

    These medicated caramels are so gooooddd. I bought the sativas and it really give a nice high and vibe. It doesn’t make you sleepy or anything. Just a really nice feeling.

  55. 11d11 (verified owner)

    Bought the sativa. I’m a light smoker, these tasted great and did their job. I would recommend these to people who are looking for an introductory edible….

  56. Marshall (verified owner)

    My girlfriend and I split a pack well I ate most of them even tho you can taste the weed a bit they are still very delicious. We will definitely be purchasing more of these.

  57. Sailor Gary (verified owner)

    New to edibles, not a heavy smoker. Took half of 1, the other half 1.5 hours later, was too much for me, felt jittery/>heart rate. Today took a third, nice mild buzz. Taste is pretty good as well.

  58. kerrim.. (verified owner)

    I love these.. they really taste great..and it is a nice buzz …..just ordered some more…..they taste great and are so handy..one is enough for me..

  59. Andy Bobandy (verified owner)

    These provided a good body buzz and did not make me foggy. The taste is good but these do have a slight weed taste. I had two and was pleasantly high without couch lock.

  60. 6ight (verified owner)

    WOW! These were a pleasant surprise! Loved both sativa and indica! Felt a little body buzz after eating half, not too long after eating it 🙂 Felt real nice after one full one! I am an experienced user so I loved the potency of these little ones. Will be reordering and definitely recommend!

  61. Melly (verified owner)

    They taste delicious and did the job. Im not a new user so I was pleasantly surprised when after just one caramel I felt pretty darn happy and pain free. I love them and I will buy them with each order if I can!

  62. CaperGuy420 (verified owner)

    Great buzz and great taste. These are perfect little candies individually wrapped and have a line in the middle to divide them up if you don’t want the whole piece at once. One full piece is nice and not too dramatic a high but add a second one to really set it off. Definitely buying again.

  63. Bruh (verified owner)

    Taste amazing! and surprisingly potent. Ate 2 and was fried! usually eat 50mg + with other edibles so these really are a true 10mg dose i guess. Amazing! Thank you BM.

  64. gogetyourshinebox (verified owner)

    These are not strong at all….I took 3 and barely felt anything. Also, they’re a bit hard to chew and get stuck in your teeth….would not recommend.

  65. Rawbeigh (verified owner)

    They hybrid caramels are one of my favorites. I’ve always been a fan of the jelly bombs for its consistency, and these are the same in that aspect, but have the convenience of pre-separated doses and of curse are very tasty caramels. And not just tasty for medicinal caramels, these hold their own stacked against normal caramels.

  66. Blond high (verified owner)

    These are greats. I love 💕 my candy and chocolate 🍫. These kick the sweet tooth and Give u a nice relaxing high. I’ll forsure be buying these again

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