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Lucky Extracts – Budder (2g)


2g Jar

Budder is a cannabis concentrate that truly does look and feel a lot like butter. Budder is a softer concentrate and is actually quite spreadable much like softened table butter.

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Budder (Lucky Extracts) – 2g

Budder is a cannabis concentrate that truly does look and feel a lot like butter. Budder is a softer concentrate and is actually quite spreadable much like softened table butter. Budder can take on a lot of different hues depending on both the precise methodology used to make it and the strain from which it is derived.


Budder, or budder wax, is a highly potent cannabis concentrate that’s made using a specific extraction technique that whips the cannabinoids and terpenes once the solvent has been removed. This agitation creates a butter-like consistency. What’s special about budder is the fact that the extraction process doesn’t destroy all the terpenes in the marijuana, and those terpenes make it into the final product. This means it’s flavorful, aromatic, and powerful, thanks to terpenes’ contribution to the entourage effect.

As if this isn’t enough to love it, budder is also a beginner-friendly concentrate. This is because it’s probably one of the easiest dab concentrates to scoop and apply to a hot nail or a ready-to-roll joint.



While there are plenty of different cannabis concentrates on the market, there are actually very few differences between badder vs budder vs batter. Add to that the fact that some cannabis consumers use these words interchangeably, and you have a recipe for a lot of confusion. Fortunately, we’re here to help.

When you get technical, the difference between badder, budder, and batter is really consistency. Budder is smooth and whipped, like cream cheese frosting. Badder and batter (different spelling, same product), on the other hand, tend to be a little less solid and a little more liquid, like a thick sauce. No matter which product you get, you can expect three things: high potency, flavorful experiences, and easy dabbing.


Budder is one of the easiest concentrates to enjoy because of its consistency. It’s thick enough to be easily scooped but wet enough that it’ll easily stick to a hot nail or anything else you add it to. These are the three most popular ways to enjoy budder:

Dab Rig: A dab rig is a special unit that vaporizes your concentrates on a hot nail. You heat the nail, let it cool a tiny bit, and then drop a scoop of your budder onto it. Immediately, your budder will start vaporizing, and you can inhale that vapor and enjoy it. If heating your nail with a butane torch sounds like way too much, you can also get e-nails and e-rigs that take care of the heating for you, so all you have to do is plug them in or power them up, and they’re ready to go.

Infused Joint or Bowl: If you enjoy smoking your marijuana, you don’t have to give that up to enjoy concentrates like budder. Rather, you would just infuse your joint or bowl with budder. If you’re adding it to a joint, we call that “twaxing.” For most cannabis enthusiasts, prior to rolling the joint, you’d add a little bit of budder to the ground flower, and then you simply roll it all together. Just be sure to keep the budder away from the paper, or you might get an uneven burn. If you’re adding it to a bowl, you simply pack your bowl with flower and then add a little bit of budder. Because budder takes longer to burn than flower, we recommend adding a little flower on top of the budder. This will keep your burn going and give time for the budder to heat up.

Vape: If vaping is your preferred method of smoking, you’ll want to get a vape pen (dab pen) or vaporizer. The best vaporizers will be able to handle both flower and concentrates. Then, you load it in a similar fashion as you do a dab rig. Add the budder to the heating chamber and the vaporizer does the work for you.


Budder is strong. Really strong. While this may come as no surprise, since it falls in the concentrate category, it’s one of the most potent concentrates with anywhere from 80-90% THC. Because budder also retains many of its terpenes, you’re also going to benefit from the entourage effect. That is, the effect on your body when numerous marijuana compounds, including cannabinoids and terpenes, are consumed.

4 reviews for Lucky Extracts – Budder (2g)

  1. FrankieCdn (verified owner)

    This time I tried the Sundae Driver, excellent taste, lots of it in the 2 g, by far the smoothest budder I have ever had. The effects are it’s relaxing, uplifting and stress relieving.

  2. Chuck Brown (verified owner)

    Girl Scout Cookies: Mmm sweet smell. It has an even consistency and colour. It doesn’t burn as cleanly as live resin or distillates, but it packs a punch and is flavourful! Also the lid has a white tab so things don’t spill as easily… Though the jar is full to the rim.

  3. Bob (verified owner)

    Pineapple Express – clean and potent with an effect very close to the flower. The flavour was not as satisfying as vaping pure flower but the effect was spot on, uplifting and motivating positivity and that sensation of contentment in the body/stomach which comes with Pineapple Express. Fairly good mental clarity, a little drifty initially. I was using a concentrates vape pen; probably tastes better in a proper rig/bong.

  4. FrankieCdn (verified owner)

    I tried the Green Crack as well as a few others. The Green Crack is definitely worth the money, excellent odour, excellent taste, and a great energizing effect. Will definitely be getting it again as well as other strains. Excellent budder!!

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