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5g Live Resin (Oiligarchs)


5 Grams of Live Resin with Diamonds

Diamond sauce is another cannabis concentrate known for its high potency and appealing crystalline appearance. Not surprisingly, it is also one of the purest and most concentrated forms of extracts on the cannabis market today.

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Product Description

Diamond sauce is another cannabis concentrate known for its high potency and appealing crystalline appearance. Not surprisingly, it is also one of the purest and most concentrated forms of extracts on the cannabis market today.

Diamond sauce is produced through an intricate extraction process that separates the cannabinoids, specifically THC, from the plant material.

Once the initial extraction process is complete, the resulting concentrate then goes through a specialized purification process that removes impurities and other unwanted substances.

Then, the concentrate is placed in a controlled environment for an extended period to allow the cannabinoids to crystallize to create diamond-like structures within the sauce. In other words, you get diamonds and sauce in one product.

The crystal-like structures that develop in diamond sauce consist mainly of pure THC, resulting in an extremely potent and highly concentrated product. However, you should know that diamond sauce is also quite rich in other cannabinoids.

27 reviews for 5g Live Resin (Oiligarchs)

  1. sunlife8 (verified owner)

    Great stuff! Give it a little stir and then it’s good to go. Nice flavour and heavy high. It vapes well in my e-rig. I’ll definitely be buying this again!

  2. Chuck Brown (verified owner)

    Cherry Burst: A hybrid strain, “sweet and fruity aroma” It’s thick!
    At 21C it was still semi goopy and stuck to the lid! Smells right!
    And the taste? Clean rig, but that was big! *ahem* … It is dank? Earthy? Not like peet moss.
    More like chestnut or oak dirt. (If you work in the soil) It doesn’t taste like dirt. It’s “Earthen” … It’s smoke haha!
    It’s good! My tolerance is lower, im cutting down. Phew! 1 big daba-roo! More than enough for most tokers.

  3. Chuck Brown (verified owner)

    I still smoke more than you? Man I thought I cut down.
    Scarface OG: This one is stuck to the lid at 21C… But has some thinner areas. Needs a stir!
    Indica-dominant hybrid! “OG Kush X Face Off OG.” Apparently. It has a gassy smell that I like. But there are sweeter undertones. It’s OG.
    Only a connoisseur would really notice the subtitle differences.
    I don’t. Tastes gassy / dank to me!

  4. Chuck Brown (verified owner)

    Again my go-to bad. It’s potent. I am a chronic toker.
    1-2 dabs I’m good. I need to function!
    Sherbert Cake: a nice blend of flavours. there might be some leftovers in my rig it was not sparkling clean. It tasted dank/skunky sweet? Burned nice and clean reverse dabbed and stoppered. Such a great product! It’s always in stock when I need it. The jar is great. The consistency is great. It’s so easy to dab. It’s just thick enough with diamonds inside sometimes too. I never spill it. No messing around with syringes. Hands up! My favorite product. I was waiting a year or something for it to come back.

  5. the.highestintheroom (verified owner)

    This is the reason why I buy on budmail for quality and price like this. This brand is always improving and providing a consistent high! Thanks budmail

  6. Hindu Kusj (verified owner)

    The venom og is lemony smelling, smooth consistency. I like it better than the platinum pink. All the strains I’ve bought from oiligarchs have been awesome.

  7. Hindu Kusj (verified owner)

    This brand has been consistent for me over all strains, the platinum pink is great. Ill eventually get to all the strains. Flavour is fantastic, good dabs.

  8. Chuck Brown (verified owner)

    Platinum Pink: Golden, very crystaline, Smells and tastes very sweet and sour. I’m enjoying it a lot. I can’t put my finger on it. But the sour is great.
    I like sour stuff. I bite into lemons/limes. Mmmm!

  9. Chuck Brown (verified owner)

    Venom OG: Beige crystally, lovely live resin. Smells sweet and gassy. It tastes about the same. Some kushiness to it. I have nothing but good things to say about it!

  10. Zippy710 (verified owner)

    For the orange crush again the smell was wonderful. I didn’t notice much of an orange smell to it like strains with that type of note. But the flavour as great not too overpower and the high was also very enjoyable to say the least.

  11. Zippy710 (verified owner)

    This time I went went the lime pop and I was very nice smell on the nose as soon as I opened the jar. The taste was not as citrusy as the smell but very nice on the inhale. The notes of lime came through but not to the point of over powering. Smooth exhale as well.

  12. Chuck Brown (verified owner)

    Dutch Berry Diesel: Gave it a little stir and mix through. Strong diesel taste and smell. burns cleanly and I have no complaints, I’ll be buying more!

  13. Chuck Brown (verified owner)

    Orange Crush: Thick, full of crystals. A nice orangey taste and mild throat tickle. I really like this. It’s quite sweet tasting. 1 hit does the job!!

  14. MadCat (verified owner)

    Clean burn, tastes pretty solid I kind of expected it to have a higher content of lemonene. I was happy with the consistency as well as the diamond content

  15. MadCat (verified owner)

    Clean burn, tastes pretty solid I kind of expected it to have a higher content of lemonene. I was happy with the consistency as well as the diamond content👍

  16. Chuck Brown (verified owner)

    Blue Cherry Mac: I gave it a good stir, it had settled with thin on top and crystals on the bottom.
    It tastes sweet then sour/dank bit of a throat tickle. Burns cleanly just what I wanted. This strain is a long crossbreeding of MAC x Blue Cherries.

  17. Chuck Brown (verified owner)

    This is my new go-to dab. 1-2 tokes don., Burns clean and tastes great. Nice price!
    I am liking the different strains and increased stock!
    Gas Cream Cake: Nice thickness @18C, golden and saucy. Big hit, very tickly. Smells dank and tastes “gassy” A lot like fuel, but in a good way. Also, sour and sweet. Indica dom. I’m baked. Apparently, the strain is “Hectane #2 X Ice Cream Cake X Sunset Sherbet.”

  18. Chuck Brown (verified owner)

    High Octane: It’s a nice thickness @18C, not too loose. Beige and full of clear crystals. It tastes sweet and has a bit of sour. Slight tickle, just enough. I like it, indica dominant, potent. Apparently, the strain is “Chemdawg X Lemon Thai X Hindu Kush.”

  19. Chuck Brown (verified owner)

    The Georgia Pie is sweet tasting! I find it settles and separates. It’s good to stir the jar.
    The jar is great. There is no lip on top, the bottom is flat inside and has rounded edges. Silicone seal. All previous issues are gone.

    I really hope this product stays in stock!
    It’s nicely priced, potent, tastey and reverse dabs quite cleanly. Cleaner than the some strains of slightly more expensive live resins.

  20. spaceman (verified owner)

    Ordered Georgia Pie and it is outstanding! At room temp it has the consistency of a slush and doesn’t leave any residue. Great flavor and potency. You cant beat the price!

  21. Matt (verified owner)

    The container got a brand new design and they’re is no product loss at all. I’ve tried cherry lemon gelato and It does burn well and has a good taste!

  22. Chuck Brown (verified owner)

    The jar is new and improved! It’s not like in the pictures.
    It’s a great design, it’s not going to spill. Nice silicone or similar seal.
    Threads close enough together. They call it a “Baller Jar” on the label.

    Georgia Pie: I scraped the lid first. It’s pretty thin @ 15-18C. I almost fell off my tool! Freshly cleaned rig. Reverse dab, burned clean, tasted sweet and a tiny bit sour. Potent enough!

    I’ve been waiting for this product to return. It’s a good one. I bet it will become very popular and I will have trouble getting it. Expect many orders BM, “the price is right!”

  23. outlawshaman (verified owner)

    I got El Chapo, Lemon Lime Punch, Cherry Gas, and Pink Candy. The product is decent, clean and easy to dab. I enjoyed them. However, the biggest downfall for this product is, indeed, the container that it’s housed in. I lost some concentrate because it got stuck to the underside of the lid and I was unable to salvage it due to the protective layer of plastic on the foam/paper piece layered inside that cap. Not only that, but two of the containers were already half open despite the sticker that’s supposed to prevent, having been placed over the cap and the body of the container. I would buy these again, but not before the containers are changed to better suit the product and to ensure customers do not lose any of it.

  24. Chuck Brown (verified owner)

    Agreed with both previous posts. I bought this because of the price. “Sealed for my protection.” It’s a 3.5 star. Because of the packaging. The price is great for the quality. (4 Stars) $ star quality! very golden and sticky! It’s good! It’s just the packaging.
    Fix that I will be buying again and again.
    ~less than $15 a G. A very-very reasonable price. Considering, I know people who buy Oz’s of good bud for $50.

    It’s the price dabs/resin should be. Especially with grow rates and newer “bubble hash ice wash” or other extraction techniques.
    The oil seeps and soaks into the seal. Summer heat has caused impossible salvage. The “seal” is soaked in oil. Can’t smoke that, can’t scrape it, I’ll try to save it, somehow (No idea’s yet) but it’s at least 0.3 The seal is actually “soaked” with oil. I weighed it.
    I have contacted support with images. Hopefully the packaging can change. Budmail is not responsible for the packaging containers!

  25. FrankieCdn (verified owner)

    Definitely issues with the packaging as the plastic was breaking down on the liner and makes a bit of a mess and there’s some product loss. Hopefully the issue is addressed immediately. As for the resin it’s tasty when hot knifed and has an awesome buzz. I do intend to buy more but I’m going to wait a little bit to see if the packaging issues are resolved.

  26. grantsc (verified owner)

    The resin itself is pretty good, however I have to knock the packaging as it has led to product loss on all 3 jars I have bought. The jar is ‘sealed’ with a cardboard disc that is lined with a plastic film. The resin is breaking this film down in storage and this results in resin getting stuck to it, but the plastic liner shreds apart when you try to scrape it off. They need to switch to the plastic seals with the little tab.
    Also, they need to package in straight walled jars, please no more jars with a lip on the inside, you can’t get everything out of it.

  27. Upset (verified owner)

    Would be a zero if could, don’t order unless you want to loose half of product before it gets to you. Lost almost 2 grams. Do not order this product

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