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Disposable Vape (Burn Lifestyle Co.) – 3g Distillate


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32 reviews for Disposable Vape (Burn Lifestyle Co.) – 3g Distillate

  1. Taco (verified owner)

    Pretty good product with great flavors. Didn’t have a problem with it logging so far but I’m a quarter into it, so we’ll see when I get half ways but again so far so good.

  2. Andrew (verified owner)

    Good flavors, I’ve tired 3 different ones now. One clogged on me. Was able to get the gummed up stuff out with a toothpick. All in all would order again

  3. mandy (verified owner)

    i’ve bought these burn 3g pens two or three times and it’s hit or miss. it might clog, might not. the flavours have a good variety and they taste pretty good though. i got the chocolope one and the taste was a little nauseating after a while

  4. Let’s Party

    Found it so far so good. Got the peaches n cream and papaya punch. Charged nice. I’d say hit the button for getting the clog out. Using low function regularly.

  5. Bri (verified owner)

    I’ve bought these many times. They do sometimes clog up but I find that with any other company I have purchased from, including at dispensaries. Overall I think they are great and will continue to buy them! Flavours have always been on point too!

  6. Fugen (verified owner)

    Very disappointed with my last order of Burn 3g vapes. The flavor was terrible on all of the carts esp the so called key lime pie. The alien og had an unpleasant taste as well but the biggest let down was the Jet Fuel which was my favorite kind. On top of all this all three carts clogged constantly and I was unable to finish any of them, probably close to a gram left in the jet fuel. Not sure what happened but won’t be buying these again.

  7. Luke (verified owner)

    These vapes are pretty good for the price but they can clog up sometimes if you don’t hold them the right angle when done smoking cause the stuff builds up

  8. Ben2001 (verified owner)

    My favourite disposable I’ve ever bought. Got this one a couple times now. Taste is fantastic, 3 f’n grams for a pretty decent price, usb type c if I remember correctly, fits literally in the palm of your hand, super discrete.

  9. Nick (verified owner)

    I love theses! Quality is great, you get 3G for a nice price and the taste is good. Not sure about other people having problems with them, but I personally had no problem with them. I bought 2 of them, they both worked very well. The batteries lasted decently long enough too, before having to recharge.

    The only reason I give 4 stars is because some times, if you wait too long (like a week) without using them, they can “clog” a little, so you have to use a toothpick or something tiny enough to “unclog” them. But for the quality and the amount you get for the price, it’s really worth it.

    I’m buying them again for sure!

  10. 420Maiku (verified owner)

    Hands down great vape ! I have ordered Gas Mask and indica sure had some potency in it, lasted me a while! Looking forward to ordering some of more gas mask soon!! Thanks BM

  11. Kl (verified owner)

    Bought 2 of these. Neither worked.
    Try at your own risk.
    Plugged in and charged up. Nothing.
    Doesn’t work at all. There’s one button so Im pretty sure I figured it out.

  12. boon (verified owner)

    I read these clog but I haven’t experienced it. I got a 2g pen from Diamond that hits the same but without dual temps. I think these 3g pens from Burn Lifestyle are best bang for buck out of the lot. Glad to see USB C, lets me know these haven’t been sitting on the shelf for too long.

  13. RemiRez (verified owner)

    Amazing product! Taste good! The after taste really taste like key lime pie! Good buzz too, really help to concentrate and be creative without rolling one or get the yocan ready with some live resin ..
    gonna buy more of their products for sure!

  14. thehyena (verified owner)

    Poor quality in Vape overall… Diamond and Burn vape 3g suffer form the same problem, they clog or they crack. Its been the 3time i get refund because i receive a defect one. This is the 3rd one i bought recently and its already cluged and i barely even used it… If you get it really cheap try it. Personally i give up on those product. The 2g pen are the most worth in terms of Value and build

  15. Jacked man (verified owner)

    First time using a vape, good flavour, and best bang for your buck. Lasts for a while even with heavy use. Doesn’t smell or burn which is a plus from me. Overall, will buy again

  16. MH (verified owner)

    It was my first time ever buying a waxpen and I can confirm you can’t go wrong with this one. Easy use, easy charge and AMAZING TASTE. Will rebuy 100%

  17. JesseJames (verified owner)

    My unit felt very solid.
    It was ok until a little over half product was showing through window.
    After that I has to clean, unplug the unit EVERY HIT! (Sometimes numerous times during a puff)
    It started spitting hot concrete into my mouth and had a VERY close call at work.
    It seemed the unit had somehow pressured as after having to really unplug it, the unit kept pumping out a snake of what I was supposed to be smoking.
    It was a very bad experience and a Hope just a faulty device. Willing to accept that as it is a VAPE DEVICE.
    I will update once I hear back customer service.

  18. yeloot59 (verified owner)

    Great vapes, but they have a tendency to clog up every once in awhile. Be aware that the sale pricing doesn’t necessarily mean you’re going to get that price when you check out.

  19. cannabisbisbisbisbis (verified owner)

    best value of all vapes, 3g for $44 ($55 regular price), lasted me a month with heavy daily use. i got the berry mojita and its got a nice clean mint flavor. it does clog after using about halfway, have to suck on it to unclog it before using. battery was good, only had to charge it 3 times. i didn’t find much difference by pressing the side button while inhaling, the amount of cloud i got was about the same as not pressing.

    overall, i prefer the design of the smaller 2g pieces, those are easier to suck on and those don’t clog. however, these 3g ones give the best value for the money. the clogging is a bit annoying but can be easily overcome by sucking for several seconds.

    PROS: Best value, easy to use, clean tasting, long battery life
    CONS: Clogs after awhile of use

  20. Fugen (verified owner)

    Hands down the best vape (disposable or otherwise) I’ve ever had. It’s nearly empty now and hasn’t given me any issues whatsoever with clogging or leaking. Slick compact design, so much better than the standard pen-style units. The battery is great, only charged a couple of times the entire life of the cartridge. Went with Jet Fuel as I love Diesel strains and I was not disappointed! The terp profile is amazing, if you like your vape to taste like pot and not air freshener this is for you!

  21. Jennieh420 (verified owner)

    Found it so far so good. Got the peaches n cream and papaya punch. Charged nice. I’d say hit the button for getting the clog out. Using low function regularly.

  22. Jake (verified owner)

    Initiating a refund process as it’s clogged after a gram of use, distillate comes out the mouth piece and coats your mouth and lungs and left coughing for awhile , won’t buy again

  23. mandy (verified owner)

    i’ve bought 2 of these so far. both get distillate up in the mouthpiece, clogging it. i usually stick a toothpick thru and it works but still annoying. on my 2nd one, it randomly stopped ripping on draw band i had to press the button to take hits. also annoying. but the high is good, im usually giggly, better product than others i’ve tried

  24. Jake (verified owner)

    I’m about a gram into each blueberry mimosa and alien og, they’re strong and great tasting but clogging,

    No way to pre heat, might not order this style of cartridge again, it’s a good price but I just need a diff type of vape

  25. Aiko (verified owner)


    Very good product, lasted a long time. 3g is a good size, wouldn’t recommend that strain to beginners especially but its a really good product.

  26. Jay (verified owner)

    Bought the death bubba and alien OG.
    Crazy value for the price, very smooth vape, has high temp setting if you want to die, and with usb-C!

  27. Hans (verified owner)

    These are the best dab pens/vapes I’ve ever come across. The value is really good, the quality of the wax is really nice, tastes nice and seems pure. The pen itself hauls better than any other I’ve tried, even competing brands that seems to use the same disposable unit.

    No major problems with blockage, once you get to the 1g left mark you may get some wax coming in the mouth piece but that even happens with 1g vapes. Comes pre charged but you’ll need a USB C to charge it after a little while.

    No complaints I will probably never buy a different brand of vape ever again.

  28. Nikki9 (verified owner)

    I’m absolutely in love with this brand and the fact that it’s 3G for $50!! Amazing product. I love the mouthpiece design as it doesn’t allow any product to get into your mouth unlike the regular round tip. The high is just as promised smoking a little weed in between hits has been great for my pain. It’s my go to now for sure.

  29. chaz (verified owner)

    amazing value, 3g of distillate for 50 bucks in a lil elf bar looking thing is kinda sick, gets you baked and smacks hard, you can hold the button on the side for bigger hits too

  30. flip (verified owner)

    Ive been getting the 1g and 2g carts for as long as i can remember and by now i have to replace them every week or two but this guy lasts even longer which is a big plus for this increasing tolerance lmao
    If you have insomnia this shit is great. It really hits you like a train and puts you right to sleep. The good old “couch lock” is real with this vape so its better for when you havent got much to do after you smoke

    Personally loved it and cant wait to try others!!

  31. Ip hei (verified owner)

    Best vape ever had these years 3g

    This will hit me a long time for sure
    I was using the 1 gram ones it finish fast.
    I just use it when I go to work and smoke it break time. Now have this it will last me longer then 1 small grams.

  32. Stephen (verified owner)

    So far meh….great to see usb-c but annoying came needing to be charged. FYI once charged you need to press the button 5 times quickly.

    Flavour decent (to be expected with Burn) just hope the build quality is better than their 2g pens.

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