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Triceratops (Hoot Cannabis)

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THC: 23%

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Triceratops strain is a rare and mysterious strain of unknown origin. The nose has a delightful sweet orange scent, while the dry toke is light, sweet, orange, and piney. The smoke is smooth and creamy with the same orange flavours coming through. The buds are dense with lighter shades of purple throughout. It seems this strain is more Indica-leaning; the high is extremely relaxing and very potent. Triceratops will induce hunger, so have snacks handy.

Despite Triceratops strain being an indica dominant strain, this strain has typical hybrid effects that come almost immediately. As the high takes hold, you can expect both cerebral effects as well as a mild body buzz. Users describe the cerebral effect as one that somewhat distorts your sensory perceptions, such as distorted sound or vision. Conversations will flow a bit easier and more natural. Eventually the body effects will take over and users will feel a lot more relaxed. As time progresses, their bodies will feel a lot more heavier and you’re less likely to want to do anything physical at this point. Couch lock will be very unlikely, however, as this strain does not pack too much THC. We recommend this strain for night time use.

Flavours/Aromas: Sweet, Floral, Earthy, Orange
Effects: Uplifting, Euphoric, Mellow, Relaxing
Medical Uses: Stress, Chronic Pain, Lack of Appetite

1 review for Triceratops (Hoot Cannabis)

  1. El Cid (verified owner)

    Definitely had a good laugh when I saw the nugs of this strain. They look like little triceratops heads with horns and everything!!! Haha it looks so dope and is dense and breaks up really nice for grinding. It definitely packs a punch for a sativa. The head high was strong. Will definitely be picking this up again.

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