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Tuna Kush (Jungle Ridge)

AA Grade | Indica | THC: 15-17%

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Product Description

Tuna Kush

Tuna Kush, also known as Tuna OG, is an indica dominant hybrid strain with potential lineage of the classic, Hindu Kush. Tuna Kush yields small but dense minty green buds covered with a healthy coating of trichomes and resin.

Pungent may be an understatement as Tuna Kush’s aroma can be overpowering to some. The flavours are also on the pungent side, expect sour, diesel notes.

Said to be one of the most potent strains, Tuna Kush is known for relieving chronic pain, insomnia, stress and anxiety. Users will be greeted with a heady euphoric high with a pinch of energy, which will fade into a warm couch locked sleepy state.

Flavours/Aromas: Dank, Diesel, Earthy, Kush
Effects: Body High, Euphoria, Relaxing, Sleepy
Medical Uses: Anxiety, Chronic Pain, Insomnia

38 reviews for Tuna Kush (Jungle Ridge)

  1. Ldubz (verified owner)

    Ah tuna kush. Such a nice little surprise especially for the price. Batch I got had a ton of flavor and smoked great. Great indica high. Another one I would get again

  2. Larry (verified owner)

    If you like listening to Cypress Hill while smoking your weed then this is the strain for you. Snoop Dog fans will also enjoy this strain. A good cheap bag full of sticky icky buds that roll up into a smooth smoke that will leave you day dreaming for a couple hours if you take the time to sit back and relax.

  3. Ip hei (verified owner)

    Really good smell

    Very stone
    Good taste in the mouth

    Smooth burn
    Buds are wet, each time smoke a small junt makes me my eyes close up.
    It’s really Stone.

  4. SwampsOfSnye

    batch i got from the ontario store the other month tasted good and had a great, heavy tuna kush high but it was harsh on the throat, had a darker ash than other big deals i’ve had and just wouldn’t stay lit in a joint. not trying to dissuade anyone from trying this batch, just sharing my experience with the last one.

  5. J-F (verified owner)

    Very good deal for a strong indica that works wonders for sleep. If you smoke it during the day you’ll find yourself fully couch-locked. It’s a very strong indica that alleviates symptoms of OCD (obssessive-compulsive disorder) and BDD (body dysmorphic disorder) so spread the word as there is no treatment for those disorders.

  6. Sal98 (verified owner)

    Very good bud. This is true Tuna kush. Heavy hitting, big bugs, kushy tasting and a good buzz. This is probably my favourite strain considering the price.

  7. Kushdude (verified owner)

    This big deal is very good,got me high pretty good,smells and taste good,I always order from BM,guaranteed delivery to where I from,I recommend BM.

  8. Beans (verified owner)

    Order showed up right in time for 420 was a nice treat. Like the tuna kush smokes nice has a White ash checks all the boxes imo thanks for this one BM

  9. WarHead (verified owner)

    Wow, Bang on for me , I waited a long time to find my Tuna kush and what a happy camper I am. The price is good and I really liked that Bud Mail puts in terpene shields that I discovered at the bottom of my 1 once bag. You know how the bottom of the bag is dry and not so great, It is all good now. Thank you Bud Mill, I’m a customer now.

  10. Ryru (verified owner)

    Beautiful flower, I always love Tuna Kush and this stuff is super dank. Nice flavour and a clean smoke. Bag appeal is exceptional. Bought two ounces of this stuff and suggest you do as well!

  11. rEVOLution (verified owner)

    It was while I fumbled with my nasal spray, attempting to open it, I realized… This is good shit. Potent, super dank, dense and resinous.

    The Tuna Kush on the big deal is absolutely great bang for your buck. Great for any heavy indica smoker!

  12. EastCoast69 (verified owner)

    I like this one! Nice and easy gives a nice calm high.. not an over all strong smell. During the day, it helps relax the mind when I need to focus. Helps slow you down

  13. WilliamP (verified owner)

    Great smoke for the price, great taste and smell. I’ll definitely be including it again in my next order. I’m excited to see what the next *the big deal* is

  14. Smorg (verified owner)

    Just got this on my last order and it’s the big deal, shipping was incredible and this bud oh wow it’s incredible burns so nice and it feels so smooth!!! Definitely felt amazing afterwards

  15. Charlie (verified owner)

    Decent quality buds and trim. Like the taste and smell when smoking. Fairly potent for the price point and no complaints overall. Would likely order again.

  16. Joshua kennedy (verified owner)

    Bud mail has amazing products and service always making everyone satisfied every time they order. I love this company and will always be there number one fan and customer

  17. KMB (verified owner)

    We got a pretty good deal on this product so we decided to try it
    We are happy with the way it burns and gives a longer higher then other types we have tried in the past.

    We don’t find it dry at all, so we think this has help to make it last longer for us, as you don’t need to burn a lot to get a good result.

  18. Ozzie (verified owner)

    5/5 and this is how Tuna Kush became my go to strain. Fairly happy with the nug quality and freshness. Usually go for the 28 grams as opposed to 14 however, I’d assume it is exactly the same quality. Do note that I am a consistent afternoon smoking and this strain is certainly suited for a end of a day session and not for an early consumption (This is just my personal preference)

  19. Sera (verified owner)

    Good quality, not super potent but does provide a happy, relaxed high. Taste is ok, not overwhelming in a joint. Would recommend, good deal with the big deal order.

  20. Reefer (verified owner)

    I usually always check what’s happening with the big deal … I just had Tuna kush (ordered second week of June ) and my god … I was Very pleased!

    Amazing skunky sweet smell . Smaller Nugs but they were nice and dense with very good moisture . I messaged them asking what grade it was and they said it smoked like a high AAA but bud size is what led to the TK being on the big deal.

    I found this batch better then some quads I’ve gotten from other sites ! That’s why I always trust Budmail and their staff with their recommendations and ratings.

  21. Peek (verified owner)

    Tuna Kush – This strain caught me off guard. I had heard good things so I gave it a try. Bud looks healthy and is well trimmed. Thick scent, smokes nicely and the high can be a bit of a creeper. At first I thought it was just a weak strain, but ten minutes later – I was in the zone. Another great deal from BM. Thanks!

  22. G25 (verified owner)

    Bluefin Tuna – unbelievable bud for the price. Small buds, slightly dry and everything dicounty about it did not stop this powerful indica from getting the job done. Was called a triple but hit the home run in my books. Love tuna kush, love blueberry, this pheno nailed both those worlds. Wouldn’t have been disappointed if I received this in a premiere line jar for full price.

  23. Allen Lake (verified owner)

    THE BIG DEAL – TUNA KUSH Was a hit, it was good for after work gaming and relaxing, it smoked nice in bongs and blunts, I really liked this weed here it was great!

  24. Tarboss (verified owner)

    Great deal for high quality flower
    Can’t go wrong with the big deal.
    I chose the tuna kush and am very pleased, sticky, thick clean smoke, great relaxing high.

  25. bigdankboiiii (verified owner)

    I really like the tuna kush, gave me a nice mellow high but i was still relatively functional. Definetely glad I grabbed an oz it smokes really nice too.

  26. Heydan (verified owner)

    The tuna kush is really nice, especially for the price. Big fan of the big deal. I just ordered some of the new stuff that was added earlier today, can’t wait.

  27. arrow39 (verified owner)

    9 pound hammer nice looking buds little on the dry side thou nice white ash taste is there too would buy again tuna kush was really nice too also would buy again

  28. Transporter (verified owner)

    Grabbed an OZ of the blue fin Tuna. I’m glad I got it because it sold out FAST. Tuna Kush is a all time favourite for me. You can smell this 3 streets away lol.

  29. Transporter (verified owner)

    Tuna Kush. Amazing stuff. Hands down. Always one of my favourites. Anything tuna is a Kush to grab for sure. Stinks bad. Smells my house up. My neighbours must hate me.

  30. Soltz (verified owner)

    I have ordered many different kinds. All of them have been great. Just about to get the UBC Chemo and lemon walker OG. the Blueberry, Blue diesel, Tuna Kush, Pink Death, and bubba were all amazing

  31. Apotvin (verified owner)

    Got tuna Kush. Very nice Indica for the Price. Very potent for the price. I should have take 1 once. Will order again the big deal option. Thank you bm!

  32. Adam (verified owner)

    Grabbed the Tuna Kush big deal, couldn’t pass it up at the price during the 4/20 sale. Damn this is some good bud especially for the price. Thank you Budmail!

  33. Turn (verified owner)

    Ordered the Tuna Kush during the 420 sale. It was much better than I was expecting for such a great price.
    There are certainly no complaints with this one!

  34. Baketree (verified owner)

    Grabbed the Tuna Kush. While not much to look at, my 1/2 zip was half small nug and even smaller nug, I am pleased with it overall. Limited smell but after being busted up it releases a great odour. Smoked a joint and it burned really well, grey/white ash and definitely had the Tuna taste that I expected. One of the better TK examples that has come on the menu, not even close to the initial Premier offering 10+ years ago but better than anything else that has popped up under this moniker.

  35. JAG (verified owner)

    Got the tuna kush really nice indica. Bought some pink death with a buddy and it wasn’t as good as I expected it to be but still good for $112 a ounce.

  36. Bud Master Kojer (verified owner)

    Tried an ounce of the black tuna kush as I had it once as a premier strain and it was one of the best, hardest hitting strains I’ve ever tried. Hard to be disappointed at this price point, but it wasn’t the best representation of the strain. Nice looking buds, dark and covered in trichomes – looks like someone dropped them in the sand. Decent kush smell with that odd fishy-tuna kick to it. However despite appearances it was somewhat lacking in flavour and potency. It did the job of course, but didn’t hit that hard and took a bit to kick in only to last for a short time. The premier line from BM has wrecked me and I just can’t justify buying cheap stuff anymore. Tin series and premier line is basically all I go with now, however I still check out this big deal because every once and a while you can find a hidden gem. I got an ounce of bubbas gift once back at the $150 price point, and holy hell.. was all small buds but damn the smell and taste is straight up bubba kush with some stellar potency from the god bud in it, rivals some of the regulars I’ve gotten from them. 3/5 for tuna kush, but 4/5 given the price and variety of offerings.

  37. John (verified owner)

    I ordered 14 grams of the tuna Kush and I was so happy with what I bought.
    kinda smells strong but the buzz was really good. the flavour wasn’t bad at all too

  38. FelixTheCat (verified owner)

    I’ve ordered The Big Deal numerous times, always speedy delivery and great quality bud. This last order was Tuna Kush 28g, nice sticky buds, smooth smoke, major couch lock high! You’ve been warned!

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