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Refill Cartridges (High Voltage Extracts) – HTFSE Pure Sauce



8 reviews for Refill Cartridges (High Voltage Extracts) – HTFSE Pure Sauce

  1. Taco (verified owner)

    Great high and taste really good, didn’t find the cart to clog up and super smooth, would get again. Can’t wait to see if they come out with anything else.

  2. Godfatherr92 (verified owner)

    Amazing and extremely smooth pull , high is very relaxed and enjoyable as well. Absolutely love this product.

    Highly recommend this cartridge for any vape lovers

  3. Rotgut (verified owner)

    I grabbed the black berry cream.
    Decent buzz and taste.
    The sauce is a little pricier that the high voltage distillate but worth the jump in price due to a jump in potency compared to distillate .

  4. outlawshaman (verified owner)

    I tried and enjoyed Space Queen. It was tasty, clean and the high was satisfactory, but I thought it would be stronger considering the price. The reasons I gave this three stars instead of five are because of the $66 price, it emptied too fast, and some of the sauce got stuck at the top of the cartridge and I was unable to use it. Other than that, I would most likely try out other strains, simply because it was smooth and clean. Thanks HVE & Budmail!

  5. Dirlewanger (verified owner)

    The Blue Mataro is amazing, smooth tasting earthy tones for me. It has extremely strong sedative effects. I’m told it will give you a great case of the munchies, I haven’t made it past the sedative state. I highly recommend this cartridge. High Voltage cartridges are my go to brand. I have purchased many strains from this brand, satisfied every time.

  6. Rev (verified owner)

    Delicious, no doubt this is made with extreme care and cleanliness. I LOVE the cartridges they use…best in the business. As Hurthle says, they just don’t clog. They have a really nice feel on the lips, and have perfect air flow. I have purchased a few of HVE’s carts over the passed year and all of them hit the spot, no burnt up coils and good to the last drop.

  7. sativa_lvr (verified owner)

    Got the clementine as my first PURE cart. Was not disappointed! I have a few htfse/disty cart and few jars of HVE, I knew it would be nice to have a citrusy daytime strain. Ive had agent orange sauce and was great.

    Got really high from one puff. Efficient to say the least, bc I usually smoke primo hash with tobacco. This one is tasty as well and they upgraded the carts so it does not come with a plastic jar anymore…
    4 stars, price is high…

  8. Hurthle (verified owner)

    I got the Rockstar tuna. The cartridge is very nice didn’t have any issues with clogging, Has a stronger ‘strain’ taste but i find it sometimes tastes like soap. I also find it sorta harsh on the exhale. I don’t know if i would buy again as i find the high a bit weak for the price.

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