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Premium Trim (Indica)

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Premium Cannabis Trim – Indica

Although it is often ignored, Cannabis trim is very versatile in everyday applications. Methods of use include making budder, edibles, wax, collecting hash, kief, and the list goes on!

Contains: 28g of Premium Indica Trim

3 reviews for Premium Trim (Indica)

  1. budsmoke (verified owner)

    it’s a decent budget ounce if you smoke it straight on it’s own in say joints. not bad filler for a blunt or something bigger. slightly harsh but overall good buzz does the trick if you more of a light smoker for sure and need something cheaper. would also be good in edibles recipes .

  2. redeyes (verified owner)

    Quite happy with it made bubble hash got 3 grams of fine hash 73 micron and about 10 grams in the other bags that will be mixed up and will pressed for rosin in a few day

  3. Larry (verified owner)

    I accidentally found this listing then bought it kind of as a joke because of how cheap it is. It is trim alright, but its pretty good trim with the occasional small bud. If you are on a budget, this is definitly worth bothering with. Gets me stoned enough, nothing crazy. Smokes well, not as bad as most trim I have smoked in the past.

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