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Moroccan Hash


Pressed Hash

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Product Description

Users can anticipate an uplifted, relaxing effect, followed by a euphoric body high, often leading to a restful sleep.

3 reviews for Moroccan Hash

  1. Scar (verified owner)

    Being from Morocco myself, I found this product to be just as good as fresh. Very well
    Packaged. I would definitely order more in the future!!!!!!!!

  2. Guitarded1 (verified owner)

    I Like Moroccan, however this didn’t do the trick like I remembered. The private reserve black hash was premium. This was a wee bit of a dissapointment. Did it solo and with flower. Not my fav, but to each his own. Won’t knock anyone for liking it. I won’t do it again though.

  3. Beans (verified owner)

    This batch brings me back to mid 2000.
    Dense blonde and cumbles easily. Definitely one of the better batches . Get some while it lasts . Thanks bm .

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