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3g Disposable Vape (Straight Goods)


3 Gram Disposable Vape

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Product Description

ALL NEW 3 GRAMS by Straight Goods Supply Co. Our classic blend of 95% solvent-less Delta-9 THC Distillate and 5% Organic Terpenes available in 6 new craft flavors that?ll knock your socks right off!

Capacity: 3 GRAM Disposable

Vitamin E Acetate free

Rechargeable Disposable Battery

Leak and Clog Proof Design

No PG, VG, PEG, or MCT ? Only Straight Goods!

6 reviews for 3g Disposable Vape (Straight Goods)

  1. boon (verified owner)

    Lilac Diesel came completely empty/unfilled. Partial fill on Blueberry Cookies. Burn Lifestyle Co is better with a similar pen that appears to be a newer model. Straight Goods has a nicer box if you are okay with skipping the actual product.

  2. Clocktower (verified owner)

    Great price, better if not every single one of the 3 gms clogged way before nearing empty, and I bought more than a dozen on sale for 420 over several days! How much of the sauce is wasted, sort of offsets the savings! Constantly needing to clear mouth piece down a few cm to clean the stuff out.

  3. Jennieh420 (verified owner)

    Bought again for 420 deals. Wicked deal! Considering it’s disposable and you can recharge it, you get good bag for your buck. Discretely fits nicely in you hand. Lasted a heavy toker 10 days.

  4. Bakedbaker (verified owner)

    Not a fan. They clog easily and really make me cough. I tried Mimosa and Zkittles, and found little difference between the two. I prefer the Diamond 2g. The only vape so far that hasn’t clogged on me.

  5. Kingzeus (verified owner)

    Works as good as the burn 3g and diamond 3g and is worth the price.. tried blue lavender , blueberry cookies and chocolate cake .. all tasted amazing .. would buy again

  6. robjob (verified owner)

    these definitely dont knock your socks off , i tried there 2 gram vape which was pretty good but this 3 gramer constantly plugged and got absolutely no buzz from it

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