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Kootenay Labs – Caviar


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Caviar is a unique and powerful cannabis product that is perfect for anyone looking for a potent dose of THC. This product contains cannabis diamonds in sauce, which are packed with THC. Caviar is sure to give users a powerful high that will leave them feeling relaxed and euphoric. This product is perfect for anyone who wants to enjoy a powerful cannabis experience.

16 reviews for Kootenay Labs – Caviar

  1. Chuck Brown (verified owner)

    Zookies: Smells almost like a white chocolate candy. Thinner but still thick.
    It tastes sweet, but it also tastes kind of like a vegetable. I can’t put my finger on it. Parsnip? But cooked down, in butter. Slight hint of something green. Like basil or Oregano. It’s a nice change! It’s not too sweet.
    These are very mild, it tastes like weed of course.

  2. Chuck Brown (verified owner)

    Crystal Surfer? It says: “Pistol Surfer” on the jar.
    Ahem, tickler! Sweet then Earthen, slight sour with more earthy aftertaste.
    It’s a nice consistency. Thick, crystally, but not so much that it can ricochet, like diamonds.
    It’s good. If only I didn’t FLY THROUGH the gram in 3 days. I am a chronic toker.
    Oh well, yippie! I’m Peter Pan! ♪ I can fly! ♪ Ha-ha. And the Disney musical starts playing in my head.

  3. Chuck Brown (verified owner)

    I thought I tried them all. But there’s more!
    Unicorn Poop: Earthy smell and taste. Similar to “grease monkey.” One small dab has quite the tickle. Confusion! And muscle relaxing effects. A hybrid I think. It’s the colour of golden honey/small “caviar” that are closer to white honey in hue.

    Oh, and I also bought “French Macaroon” again because it’s been my favorite.
    Only problem is I fly through* 1 gram. Although, I sometimes get so baked, I have to be careful with the lawnmower. Walk slower and focus. I would rather not chop my feet off!

  4. Serval (verified owner)

    This is great bang for your buck. I like to add a couple of smidgins to my joints, and it enhances both the effects and the taste. I make sure to pick one or two g’s with every order.

  5. Chuck Brown (verified owner)

    Northern Lights: Golden and sour smelling. It tastes like the bud. Excellent stone.

    I also bought Grease Monkey last order. Earthier smell. Balanced high.
    I like these Caviar. I’ve tried quite a few. They are so tastey, and are potent. But I seem to smoke it faster than other grams. Of resin/distillate/oil. Good price since I smoke it so quickly!

  6. Chuck Brown (verified owner)

    Big Cat Kush: Nice indica, Kushy flavour. Earthy and very mild sour/spice taste. Barely sweet, No fish or coffee.
    I smoked myself silly earlier. I couldn’t smoke more and give a fair review!

    This caviar is a very dark brown, but it burns very cleanly when reverse dabbed/stoppered. Not overloaded. Smoke it all in 1.
    It came in a different smaller jar. That I really like. Similar to the tall black cap, but shorter. The same # of threads in a smaller twist, for a better seal.
    The white stopper does jiggle a bit, but once the lid is screwed on it seals very well. Best jars yet.

    Pink Kush: Larger black lid “Child-Proof.” A spill was saved by the stopper. It arrived sideways. But none spilt!
    Very kushy. Earth with a tang. Sweet for a second but tangy and earthy.
    A little saucier, yellow honey gold colour.

  7. Chuck Brown (verified owner)

    Crescendo: Light golden goop. Smells and tastes skunky/sweet. Thick but workable into whatever size dab you want.

    It is a lot like sauce mixed with diamonds. I just dabbed the Kootenay sauce too. Both don’t burn as clean as diamonds mixed with Kootenay distillates. The caviar and sauce are very tasty.

    Also bought French Macaroon. It really tastes and smells a lot like the chocolate. Still smoke, but it dabs delicious.

  8. FrankieCdn (verified owner)

    Just tried the Pink Kush and French Macaroon, both are excellent but I definitely prefer the Pink Kush but I tend to lean towards indicas especially those with a good kick! This stuff is excellent and well worth the price, I just hot knife it and it works great. Will be buying it again!

  9. Chuck Brown (verified owner)

    Tropidelic: It’s texture is like crystalised earwax. The colour is similar too.
    It tastes and smokes great. Not as clean as Diamonds mixed with some live resins.
    It does have kick, and has a stronger taste. But maybe I use more diamonds per hit. (with less flavour)

  10. Chuck Brown (verified owner)

    French Macaroon: Very swwet. Smell’s like a dessert. Macaroon’s. Taste is different from the smell. But is still good/sweet.

    I agree with “AvidDabber.” It’s very much like diamonds mixed with a live resin.
    My go-to-dab already. I normally buy them separately then dab/mix as I desire.
    These, taste great. Are easy to work with and burn fairly clean.
    I recommend, and hope they stay in stock.

  11. AvidDabber (verified owner)

    For the price this stuff is fantastic. Consistency very nice almost like a kind of saucy diamonds situation. None of that CRC cheap perfume sorta smell/taste- seems like decent cannabis in and decent cannabis out. Clean throat feel while dabbing (no scratchiness), not too much residue.

    French Mac felt very balanced and very relaxing, smooth balanced kinda sweet yeast undertone.

    Tropidelic very cerebral more fruity taste but almost more indica body than the MAC, reminds me of Orange Kush effects

    French Mac = relief any time

    Tropidelic= Lazy stoned afternoon playing video games

  12. Chuck Brown (verified owner)

    French Macaroon: Amazing smell and taste. A step above JR/KleerX live resins!
    They all came in the same style jar. This was the only of 3 that had a white stopper.
    I will be ordering this brand again if I can.

  13. FrankieCdn (verified owner)

    Awesome stuff for the price. Hits hard, really nice buzz. Nice quality and quantity. Tried both Grease Monkey and Tripodelic, will most definitely buy it again. Long time user so it’s nice to find something that gets me nice buzzed and reduces my pain and stress.

  14. Juju (verified owner)

    Had ordered the grease monkey batch and I am very impressed taste is good and it delivers a nice uppercut high 100% will order again. Also have a few different bathces to try looking forward to it!

  15. TheChronic (verified owner)

    Overall I am quite satisfied with the caviar. It has a nice, subtle, smell and taste. It it very easy to handle and packs a punch! I used a dab rig for these and it is smooth on the lungs.

  16. ShishkaBerry (verified owner)

    Orange crush is true to the picture here. There’s a couple of what I’d call big diamonds in there. Not super orange flavor, but I find OC usually isn’t like Tangie or others. Definitely worth the price, will be buying it again.

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