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Gummies (Canndy) – 150 mg THC

150mg THC per pack

10x 15mg THC pieces

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Product Description

Canndy Gummies

150mg THC per pack

10x 15mg THC pieces

Canndy Edibles hit the perfect balance between that nostalgic gummy candy experience and a careful dose of THC. You’ll get an explosion of big juicy flavour in every pack, like Fruit Punch and Grape.

Curate your ideal experience by selecting these gummies with 150 mg of THC in a pack of 10. Each bag comes filled with a flavor packed experience.

This product may melt or soften if exposed to heat. If you receive melted Canndy Gummies please chat with an agent.

31 reviews for Gummies (Canndy) – 150 mg THC

  1. RaysPotatoes (verified owner)

    These are great for those that want to get high, but not “too” high. Great flavours. Very consistent. Would always recommend these to friends, especially for the price

  2. PapaEmeritusIV (verified owner)

    These were a first time buy for me and they didn’t disappoint. There’s a bit of an interesting taste but is gone in moments as you chew ’em. I started feelng heavy around 30 minutes in. I’m actually “feelin’ a lil heavy” at this very moment. Sweet product.

  3. pickering ontario (verified owner)

    One of the best edibles i’ve had. Most of the edibles give me hyperacidity. This one is slow and steady high. For the price it’s great! I have always ordered fruit punch cause of the reviews. This time i’m getting grapes for the first time. Looking forward to it.

  4. PS (verified owner)

    My favorite edible on the market. It is always effective! The taste of the cannabis is not to much. I try both favlor but I prefer the grape. The taste is good

  5. Josh (verified owner)

    Thought I would try something new and these are probably some of the best tasting gummies I’ve ever had. But based on the price to THC ratio I’m going with 4 stars.

  6. Kee (verified owner)

    These gummies are great in texture and delivery! I find the 150mg to be very strong so either I take half or make sure I don’t have plans the remainder of the day because their so strong!

  7. Mel (verified owner)

    Oh my gosh! These are amazing! Very nice taste and a good high. The blue raspberry is my favourite gummy out of them all I believe- I do like them all tho!

  8. DickyBird (verified owner)

    I ordered the grape ones, they were pretty good, had a nice flavour and I liked the high a lot, I may try them again or try another flavour, depends how I feel when I order

  9. Gabe (verified owner)

    These gummies are great. I always get them for a wife because she prefers edibles and gummies in general are one of her favourite snacks. Unfortunately (for her), she got high and accidentally ate the whole bag thinking it was a snack… 3 second memory for the next 2 hours. But hey, at least we know they taste pretty good.

  10. Bunny (verified owner)

    Absolutely Love these gummys and used them for a very long time unfortunately stopped as I realized they were not vegetarian so I’m looking for an alternative but great high, long lasting, super strong so I would cut them up and take small amounts so lasted a long time great value for money

  11. Leng (verified owner)

    Great fruit punch flavor! Price can’t be beat, especially since I got these on sale! Only 4 stars because I find the dosage to be a little inconsistent sometimes.

  12. TransientHobo (verified owner)

    An excellent choice of edible. Tons of flavours and everyone I’ve had has been great. Decent high. Canndy is pretty high up on my personal favourites; so I’d say you’re in good company with these edibles.

  13. S (verified owner)

    The taste is alright but the potency wasn’t really there for me; I needed to eat a lot of these to feel a good effect. Might be alright if you’re not a regular user but as a daily smoker I found it okay, but underwhelming.

  14. Hazel (verified owner)

    I love Canndy! The fruit punch flavour was great. Love taking these little ones to supplement a stronger edible. This was a great purchase and didn’t disappoint 😁

  15. Nat (verified owner)

    I tired this my first time ever getting high and I loved it, I ended up taking 2 by accident because they melted onto each other but it was still a great high so I definitely recommend this for beginners

  16. Ipadman321 (verified owner)

    I got 2 packs of fruit punch. They were pretty good gummies, didn’t taste any reef in them. They were pretty hard hitting even though I cut them in half to half the dose I got.

  17. Luc (verified owner)

    With being skeptical of ordering online I bought a few months ago. Fruit punch and grape. Fruit punch was the better tasting ones. I find in a lightweight and cut them in half as a full one makes my mind race (the reason why I quit smoking years ago). Ordered more and love the fast shipping from Bud Mail.

  18. Buds all day (verified owner)

    I normally stick with the Mota gummies as they have proven to be strong and tasty enough for me but after trying these guys I am now a Mota and a Canndy guy!! These are a must try

  19. Jez (verified owner)

    I tried both flavours and I much preferred the fruit punch. The grape has a strange artificial aftertaste that was unpleasant me. That said, dosage is good, texture is great, nice – if sometimes annoying to open – packaging.

  20. D. (verified owner)

    I have a high tolerance and those did the job! You can definitely taste the THC, but it’s not overwhelming.

    I tried the fruit punch flavor, great experience overall !

  21. Akua420 (verified owner)

    These gummies taste amazing, no weed taste at all to them. I got the fruit punch flavour, it tasted like a normal gummy. I found the high was super super mild and I took 2.

  22. M (verified owner)

    I love these for toppers with the 25mg by this brand! I haven’t tried grape because I don’t care for grape, but the fruit punch is delicious. No THC taste, super fruity.

    If my tolerance is really low and I haven’t had edibles in a while these are perfect for relaxing in the evenings without getting to the point of feeling too out of control.

    If you’re on the sensitive side, these are awesome! I’ve even taken half for just a super chill and mini buzz to take the edge off. Really comfortable and non threatening high

  23. Megs05 (verified owner)

    The flavour is on point. I find it doesn’t have that bitter aftertaste that some gummies can have. Effects are pretty decent, good mellow high. Definitely buy again!

  24. Eatmyswiss (verified owner)

    Tasty candy taste juste like fruit punch
    No weeddy taste to it .nice portion size and dosage consistent
    Just getting 2 more cause grape will be good ..keep this guy’s on the menu

  25. Amysaidnomnom (verified owner)

    I was blown away with the Blue Raspberry and Cherry Cola, but here I am, even more impressed with the flavors of the Fruit Punch and Grape. I don’t even usually like fruit punch, but it is my favourite of the 4. Well, all tastes great, perfect gummy texture. Great for microdosing or chasing.

  26. Potsi (verified owner)

    I love trying new things, tried the grape one and wasn’t too fussy on them really to be honest. Think on my next order i’ll have to try something else

  27. JAM7374 (verified owner)

    I find the consistency of edibles have been really hit or miss until I found these. I have tried the Fruit punch 15mg, Grape 15mg, Cola 25mg and Blue Rasberry 25mg and have not been let down. Sometimes they hit a bit harder or softer but even the 15mg have at the very least help me sleep better and the 25mg help with the sleep and pain. I am using them at night as a sleep/pain aid and they are working well. Note I do not smoke and would consider myself a light user.

  28. Tony Orlando (verified owner)

    Taste is great, THC amount per gummy seems right, no complaints! A lot of gummies just have way too much of a weedy taste which I don’t like, but these aren’t bad

  29. outlawshaman (verified owner)

    I had the Fruit Punch, and it tastes way better than the Cherry Cola (200MG). I paired this with the 200MG ones, at times, just to see what dose was ideal for me. Thanks.

  30. Potsi (verified owner)

    Wow! just tried these for the first time. I got the grape flavor and the taste is great. 15 mg for me is perfect dosage, just awesome for a great evening of relax…

  31. tom from manitoba (verified owner)

    Tried the fruit punch flavor. It has a great flavor and texture. The gummies have a mouth watering fruit punch smell, and it is a good dosage for those that are more experienced than a beginner. It can also easily be divided for smaller doses.

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