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Comatose (smalls) (Peoples Choice)

Indica Dominant.
THC: 14%

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Product Description

Introducing Comatose, a perfect blend of OG Kush and an mysterious Indica strain, Comatose packs amazing flavors and aromas, with a woody, piney, spicy, and sour flavor that will have your taste buds dancing! With effects of body high, relaxation, an uplifting feeling, and joy, you can settle in for a night of relaxation and tranquility without feeling overly sedated. Comatose is the perfect strain for those with insomnia, nausea, and/or stress, as it heightens feelings of contentment and well-being. So, if you’re looking for a night of blissful sleep or chilled out relaxation, look no further than Comatose! Get ready to lay back, and get comatose!

Flavours/Aromas: Woody, Pine, Spicy, Sour
Effects: Body High, Relaxing, Uplifting, Happy
Medical Uses: Insomnia, Nausea, Stress

5 reviews for Comatose (smalls) (Peoples Choice)

  1. FrankieCdn (verified owner)

    Have terrible insomnia, thought I would give Comatose a try, nice looking buds, nice odour, not overpowering, definitely a good price, however I didn’t find it made me sleepy. Still I am not going to complain, it’s decent weed for the 60 bucks an ounce.

  2. Larry (verified owner)

    Nice tight buds, with a good solid stone to them. No bad cough or dry throat. Has a good flavour and burns nice and even. Good for naps and doing lots of repetitive monotonous tasks.

  3. cesZ (verified owner)

    The visually appealing appearance, sweet earthy scent, and rich flavour palette make Biscotti an aromatic delight sought after by cannabis enthusiasts. It exhibits robust growth characteristics suitable for both indoor and outdoor cultivation with the potential for generous yields. Be sure to research local laws before purchasing or growing as legal status may vary by region

  4. Luke (verified owner)

    Good smoke for the price, I enjoyed it and would probably order it again if I was looking for cheaper smoke for a good price and good tasting weed for the price

  5. Let’s Party

    This strain isn’t as dangerous as it sounds. It’s pretty mellow and chill. Won’t be inspired to start a deep clean but more of a pizza, munchies, movie night

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