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Shatter Mix & Match

Special! Pick 4 x 1g of select shatter and save 10%!

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Product Description

Shatter Mix & Match – Save 10%

Prepare to have your expectations shattered with our incredible Mix and Match deal! When you seize the opportunity to purchase four select 1g shatter packs, you’ll automatically enjoy a fabulous 10% discount. Say goodbye to limitations, as this deal is available 24/7, empowering you to explore new shatter brands and strains whenever you desire. Unlock a world of possibilities and indulge in the captivating realm of shatter with confidence. Take advantage of our Mix and Match deal today and let the shatter experience blow you away. Enjoy the journey!

*Products subject to change & may not be identical to the image


8 reviews for Shatter Mix & Match

  1. Red E. (verified owner)

    Personally, I only pick from Lucky Extracts and Kleerx, always favouring Lucky. The Red Congo and Lemon from Lucky have been especially good. Kleerx is good value too but out of the 6 brands that I’ve tried, I’d only recommend Lucky and Kleerx.

  2. Q (verified owner)

    I agree with others that this is a great bang for buck option. I got the KLEERX and Jungle Ridge shatters. The KLEERX flavors really come through and don’t have a synthetic taste to them. The highs are also enjoyable and spot on with descriptions. The Jungle Ridge flavors are good too, but they’re not as enjoyable IMO as the KLEERX. Had a lot of dry mouth after using them and needed more hits to feel the effects. Still enjoyed them though.

  3. Zippy710 (verified owner)

    Not bad deal, wish there was more variety especially once you’ve tried all the ones the mix and match packs have to offer. But overall it’s a pretty good value

  4. P (verified owner)

    Great deal for shatter. Lucky strike and Kleerx are my go-to’s. Good quality and is delivered solid. Good opportunity to try different brands and strains.

  5. The dude (verified owner)

    Pretty good deal, not the best, but for the quality it’s pretty good. I’m really liking the variety but also find it hard to choose. Solid quality brings me back

  6. Shwizzy (verified owner)

    Best deal in town for shatter. Great way to try all the brands / flavours. This will be my third time ordering budmails shatter, its quickly becoming my go to

  7. Michwilll (verified owner)

    I love using this option to get an even better deal on kootenay labs shatter. I’ve tried mimosa, sour diesel, uk cheese, shortcake and been very happy with the flavour, high and consistency. I highly recommend I’ve paid much more for far poorer quality at local dispensary’s

  8. mo (verified owner)

    great shatter snaps perfectly the consistency is just great everybody needs to try this now its amazing why hasnt anybody tried this shatter seriously ma

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