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Shatter (Diamond)


1 Gram for $30

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Product Description

Diamond Concentrates provides top-of-the-line concentrates & accessories to shops in Vancouver, Toronto & across Canada. Strains are grown in-house & extracted using state of the art systems. All extracts are tested for THC & CBD levels as well as various factors such as:

  • Aroma/Flavor
  • Appearance
  • Effect

In order to meet quality standards, Diamond Concentrates reserves the most desirable source materials and everything produced is “Nug Run”. This, along with premium purging methods to remove any impurities is how Diamond Extracts is able to produce completely pure concentrates with high terpene profiles. Diamond Concentrates offers a truly unbeatable experience.

11 reviews for Shatter (Diamond)

  1. outlawshaman (verified owner)

    Cosmic Collision is such a clean and potent piece of shatter. I recommend taking it during the day to accomplish your tasks at home or at work. One of Diamond’s better strains. Thanks.

  2. koko (verified owner)

    not bad shatter I love the package its really beautiful, however i feel like theres better options at this price range might try some others by this brand again

  3. Roach

    Nice tasting and clean, good colour and clarity definitely top shelf in my opinion will definitely try more from diamond

  4. Sir smokealot

    Hands down the best shatter I’ve tried. Diamond seems to be just a step up from the other guys, especially in the flavour department. Their blueberry is the shhiiittt!

  5. BarrieMac

    Got this in the sampler, unfortunately there is contaminate in the product along with the Django in this sampler (previously had excellent django from diamond).

  6. Drose15

    Very nice clean product, tastes great and is very potent ! Definitely recommend the super lemon haze and look forward to trying others

  7. Glymz

    Beautiful packaging. Burns smooth and clean with each hit. Out of all the shatter sample packs, I found Diamond’s to be the most clean and potent. Re-ordered multiple times, and they’ve exceeded expectations each sample pack. I look forward to trying more strains!

  8. Udabbydabber

    Can’t wait to get this maui wowi shatter ordered a g after getting a big shatter order in the mail last week very excited to get the maui wowi wow the nug ranges fro 20-28% thc so the shatter should be bomb order it up!!!!!

  9. Boucane

    super silver high hits powerfully behind the eyes and last for a while. ruining my day if I smoke it before evening probably because it puts my brain in crazy focus mode. EFFFECT : 10/10 eliminate stress/anxiety. significantly reduce pain. sleep when high fade away. APPEARANCE : 8/10 opaque. TASTE : 8/10 strong and spicy that will make the most all dressed customer cough. great product from Diamond Concentrate that I will order again to get in the zone for battlefield 1. In terms of taste/appearance/maleability I prefer my rockstar kush from Dark Side Dabs but the high is definitely on the super silver haze side.

  10. RalphNaderFan

    My first time trying shatter as a honey oil smoker and very impressed. A rather nice, “daytime”, sativa high, the sour diesel also packs a punch. The high comes on rather quickly and gave me a nice grin and energy. The product looks mostly like the photo, just a bit cloudier. Burns very well giving a good hit with a small dab. A winner and a decent price.

  11. Wow..

    Would recommend the beard bros variety’s that said I would go there now and save your money. Didn’t enjoy really…

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