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Animalitos Pet Tincture (Mota) – Cat


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Product Description

Strength: 150mg CBD

Ingredients: MCT Oil, Wild Pacific Salmon Oil, CBD Isolate

Suggested Use: Shake well before use. Use once or twice daily. Combine with your pets food.

Serving Size: 1mg of CBD per every 10lbs of body weight. 1 dropper full equals 5mg of CBD.

30 mL Bottle

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16 reviews for Animalitos Pet Tincture (Mota) – Cat

  1. Grngodess (verified owner)

    This really helps my elderly cat move around better. Waiting a long time for you to get more! They have been out of the cat variety for a long time, which is what I was after. This stuff really helps my arthritic older cats. Please get more in!

  2. ghost (verified owner)

    I use this for my cat & my rats, it really helps their anxiety 🙂 I have a special needs rat who has seizures and this really helps him avoid them/recover when he does have one. big reccomend

  3. M’lady (verified owner)

    Got this for my 11 year old cat who has anxiety issues.. Easy enough to mix into her food, as long as she doesn’t see me do it. Noticed it definitely seems to take the edge off and she just seems more relaxed overall.

  4. Grezzo (verified owner)

    So I bought this tincture for my orange tabby, he is an older boy with some anxiety issues. I feel like this has helped mellow him a bit, however I need to be very sneaky when I add it to his wet food, because he recognizes the packaging and tries to act stubborn.

  5. Grace V (verified owner)

    ‘Not sure if this helps with my 16 y/o cat’s nausea and pain management for stage 3 CKD, but she seems better off after resting so well since using it. A drop on a treat in the a.m., and again before bed seems good enough for both of my senior cats. A higher dose seems to knock both my cats out for a big chunk of the day, so larger amounts is given at nighttime, so we can have the day awake together. Good product! I’ll keep buying it.

  6. sucrebrule (verified owner)

    My orange male cat is very hyper but a few drops (4 drops, tops) ALWAYS calms him down and makes him drowsy, calm and relaxed.
    ALWAYS SHAKE WELL BEFORE using. I started using a small dosage a first (2 drops) mixed into either his wet or dry food to judge the effect on him then and then gradually increased the dosage. I am truly glad there is a CBD option for cats that works.

  7. Megs (verified owner)

    Got this for my moms cat who is 14 years old. She has been getting pretty stiff over the last year or so. Ever since trying this she has gotten much of her mobility back! She isnt stiff in the mornings as much and seems more active! She has a dose in the morning and before bed!

  8. nrthrn (verified owner)

    Seems to help our 18yr old tabby. Would have been nice if a dropper was included in pack with measurements on it. Hoping it makes his arthritis less irritating for him! Old boy deserves the best in life!

  9. Fritz (verified owner)

    Fritz is 21 years old, with stage 2 Kidney Failure and has a arthritic right hip. Here is my take: When she is on MOTA (A drop in her food) she moves around so much better, she more energetic and when she sleeps: shes out – We play a game where I try to sneak up on her – with the CBD, I’m winning. When I take her off MOTA, her pain in her hip is much more noticeable, certainly not as energetic, and I lose on the sneaking up part. I know this is a hot topic with Vets. But the alternative was to have her on a opiate, which is not the best for her kidneys. So based on the on and off cycle with the CBD, I highly recommend it! And I think Fritz would as well!

  10. Transporter (verified owner)

    I wish I could leave an accurate review of this stuff, but my cat does seems to be happier with this CBD oil but I don’t really know 100% it would be so much easier if he could tell me.

  11. SourCreamCreamy (verified owner)

    I buy this for my cat all the time. He is 19 and has some bad back and hip issues and this product makes him happy and hopping again (he hops like a rabbit). I squirt it straight into his mouth because he can tell when I put it in his food and or water and he hates the taste.

  12. Patient Zero (verified owner)

    Amazing! my cat is 21 years old and has had alot of trouble going up and down the stairs, he’s got bad arthritis in his back legs and has had a really hard time keeping weight on… Until we tried this Product!! he’s gotten out of his bed during the day and is actually been way more active, running and jumping like hes 10 years younger! Mixing it in his food, he’s actually finishing his meals, with in minutes and screaming for more! as aposed to me throwing out half or more of his food.
    Thank you so much! From Kitty and Me!
    Thank you

  13. Jd (verified owner)

    Cats love it, makes one of them sleepy, and makes the high strung cat more relaxed. I was worried it would have a fishy smell, but doesn’t really smell of anything.

  14. SourCreamCreamy (verified owner)

    I have an 18 year old precious and he has terrible arthritis in his hips and lower spine. I’ve been giving him this stuff twice a day in his wet food or right in his mouth and he seems to have relief from pain, he’s more lively and attentive.

  15. MR.BS (verified owner)

    I purchased this for a friend who has an old arthritic cat. The feline was in discomfort on a daily basis, they wanted to try something more natural and economic than the typical vet meds. It has worked wonders! They have mentioned that she started moving more fluidly after only a few days of taking it and now she demands it morning and night “she’s like a young cat again”.

  16. spaceman (verified owner)

    We have a 17 year old Tabby cat, his name is Tex. Before we tried this tincture we could tell he was in pain getting up, going up/down stairs and walking in general. The vet remomended a strong inflamitory med that is hard on the stomach. After a few days of using Mota, Tex was up and playing with toys and our other cat! It was unbelievable how well this product works! He gets 1ml morning and night and his pain seems very controled. 5/5 Thanks BM and Mota!

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